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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Holy Grapes!

     7 acres waitng for ?? Lots of water, working with the farming family owners, will be looking this over in the next few days, maybe tomorrow, but have tomorrow already booked with useless activities like getting vehicle insurance and such that nobody wants to hear about ever more. Soon, it can't be very long now that useless work will stop, that would leave lots of time to do more things of value like planting grapevines, the ten year plan, has been shortened to six years, so things are increasing in velocity. Warm and sunny today in Spences Bridge, just makes you itch to be in the Garden, perfect, at least three people exercising garden tools here today. Greenhouse plants are happening now. Poplar buds are perfect for picking here as well as in the Frazer Valley, pick them now, leaves will come quickly with the heat. Lots of branchs and tree tops broke off this year with the ice rains and wet snow, should also be a good year for Spring mushrooms, watch for Verpa around the cottonwood trees, same tree that produes the sticky poplar buds. Suck on one bud for a sore throat, works ever time for everyone I know that has tried it, stops coughs too. 

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