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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Money Goes To Hell

    Frustrated fix it yourself mechanic sitting on the ground in front of his car after 15 attempts to replace a fan belt, I pulled over to see if he needed help of some kind. Just a extra pair of hands and a cup of coffee, and the car was ready to go. Roberto Rocky, the last name I made up, will likly be the first to move onto Agassiz Black Berry Patch, no money required, things are moving quickly, his network on the religious end of things, want to do much the same as The Garden Party, and we have several of their missing pieces, and they have a couple of pieces that we need to get projects on the ground throughout the Frazer Vally, in BC. There are many benifits that are coming out of what seems a small project, but multiply that by ten thousand, and the whole picture will change. We all have to fit together some how, even if we disagree on God. God is probably Disagreeable with the argument, at any rate, The Garden Party has no problems to bother God about. We once heard that there was no money in heaven, that was good enough for The Garden Party, we don't need money in heaven, means we don't need money on earth, money's place is only in Hell. So when our Minister of Finance, Self Government of Canada Without Borders, sees money, he has a frothing fit and Sceams, "Go To Hell, Money!" and the money all disappears as fast as it appears, we pretty sure some of the money actually goes to hell. 
   March 21st World Buy Nothing Day. Feel free to make it a week. Then only get what you need, why not?
    Camp Spences Bridge BC
    Word is, good.

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  1. Thanks for this article Louis. Historically, death was celebrated with reverence, now consumerism holds that space instead and I notice that spending money could be considered another form of practicing a religion that worships buying things. With regards to politics, I feel that money has no place there, as it takes away the needed attention from the people (i.e.: hospitals, schools, etc) who need support and replaces those needs with lining the pockets of greedy and egoistic people. How does that serve our society as a whole? I like the idea of "buy nothing week", especially if we apply this notion by replacing wages with trade (barter) and giving people shared responsibilities so that those who feel as though they do not have enough "time" can take the needed time for connection and to cook for themselves and share in community however they feel comfortable. Speaking for myself, I live my life by my values and money holds no space there. Taking time to sit and listen to my elders and to children and to people my own age allows me to see what the people who surround me really need, and that usually is time, not money. Unfortunately, I have noticed that many people equate time to money and that money is valued as God. It was good of you to take time and to help someone who needed some support, what you did there, to me, was an act of God, in the sense that if God represented doing onto others what you want done to you, taking time to help someone is the golden rule!