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Saturday, March 11, 2017


     The Garden Party Self Government is having its first official election in BC, Canada, May 9th, 2017. Candidates require only one nomination signature, and folks can nominate themselves. No registration or identification is necessary, nor do you need to be a Canadian. Age is irrelevant. No money is required to qualify as a Candidate, No Government Licenced Chartered Accountant required to sign documents that would be better used as tolet paper. No Tax Write Offs Reciepts will be issued. Political Bribes will not be hidden in the paperwork of elections as they are now in BC and Canada. Self Government Candidates who get cash donations won't need to spend anything on Fraud Elections which cost the Public Purse, all things considered, theft of more than 100 millon dollars for just one BC Provincial Election. Self Government Elections cost zero dollars. Candidates, requires one vote to win a seat in our Parliament. District (Ridings) size will be determined by Each Volunteer Candidate, there is no Pay Check, Self Government is a pay as you go Government. Candidates can make their own ballot boxes  and vote as many times as they please. Overlapping ridings with other Self Government Candidates is a good thing, more people working together. This is how the Self Government blends together and will eventually cover every back yard and dog house in the Country. Government will be 100% participatory. This is a new form of Government, now existing in Canada. Started  four years ago, when The Garden Party was blocked by made up unconstitutional rules, from being able to participate in both provincial and federal elections, then topped off with $25,000 of fines. The Garden Party considers both the BC Provincial Government and The Electer Federal Government of Canada illegal according to the Canadian Constitution, therefore they are void of any authority over an outhouse.  This also voids the judges appointed by these governments. They are a club of sorts, but everything is changing, not just the weather. Self Nominations are welcome right now in BC, its a big province, and it would be nice to cover ever outhouse this year. 
     Since BC is about to have another sham Election, The Garden Party is having its own more inclusive Self Government  Election in BC on the same date, May 9th, and if we do vote in the Fraud Election, Self Government will be written across the Ballot. 
      More in the next blog. Start a Garden.

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