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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Gardening is Great.

     If you have a South Faceing Wall, and you would like to try Gardening, here is an idea.
     Dig up the soil two to three feet (one meter) along the wall, add composted soil or manure, healthy loose soil yields a good crop. Hang something on or along the wall that plants can hold on to, and plant peas as soon as the frost is gone from the ground. Plant Beans and cucumbers when the soil warms up and frosts are over, in front of the peas, they will all climb together up the wall. You then can put Tomato plants close to all these climbers, and they will all go up together, Everbearing Strawberry plants in front of tomatoes, with some dill and kale or flowers filling the spaces. Use your imagination, we learn when we make mistakes, but a lot of food can be grown in a small space along a wall, or even in a pot. 

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