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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Garden Party India.

    That's right, hardly did we get the words out of our mouths that The Garden Party was going International, again, that we have been offered a farm in the Northern Part of India, to do what we do, assess the situation, wheat fields there right now. 
    Even if we do not recognize borders, we are forced to have passports. Slows down our Instant Response To Disaster Prevention Team. Border Rules, made by dictators of one form or another claiming ownership, stop free movement of at least one of Gods creatures, humans. Inhuman and Ungodly in any religion. Borders profit big business, and Dictators, but hinder the people's business and movement.  Freedom from Borders, is Garden Party Policy, 
    Occupation India, sounds good. Get a passport for now, on the list of Silly Things to get rid of so more people have an opportunity to travel and garden. 
    The Garden Party, Self Government of India Without Borders, is taking root in Ludhiana, Punjab, India. Where next?
    These are apple blossoms today, in Spences Bridge, BC. 

    Not yet.

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