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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Garden Party Convention.

     The Convention at the Hill Top Fruit Stand Camp Site, on Highway One, between Spences Bridge and Ashcroft B.C. is in progress. The Mayor of  Stromville, BC, with The Garden Party Minister For More Unemployment, are on site for at least the next five days. We are in constant in the field committee meetings pruning dead wood and grape vines, cleaning up and doing some improvements to the camping grounds, exploing the aera. It is a great spot to camp, there are plenty of jobs we can do to help the farm owners as they prepare for another busy summer, many tons of food get produced here every year. We are glad to be involved, the help is appreciated, the weather is pleasant to work in, there is year round spring fed water, dry clean air, natural surroundings and the Honey Bees are flying. An old Pelton Wheel here, is in the process of being revived to produce green electricity. Any one wanting sunshine and exercise, participate is welcome, all ages, no money required. The Garden Party Convention has started here in Spences Bridge, and will continue for a undetermined time. Drop in.

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