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Friday, March 10, 2017

From The Grapeville.

     Repeating information from a generally reliable source, melting Global Ice, will flood Bangladesh, Millions of People will have to migrate, from this one aera that Global Warming will put under water. Word is that India is building a wall, to prevent the Bangladesh coming into over crowded India. It would be no supprize to see a hundred million people on the move because of climate change in short order. 
     We can prepare for the inevitable, in Canada, we could change our agriculture to more labour intensive instead of mighty machines, a few horses might be nice, just to be ready for the whole capitalist numbers racket to come unwound, the expert Numerologists can't even keep up with all the temporary patches, and quick fixes they have to keep applying. Pay check slaves get panicky just before their jobs and dreams of what they dream about while awake, but maybe not so awake, get shattered in one blow. Your are fired, but this is not all bad, there are a lot of jobs today that it would be better if they were not done. Why so many things better left undone are getting done is for one reason only, making money. Not for human or beast benefit, only for the making of money. We are a very controlled social order, with everyone's forced participation in the use of money. 25% of the working population are involved in what directly revolves around keeping tract of the numbers, money. At lease 25% of our population is working at cross purposes to global warming, keeping track of Money. Get rid of money, they can now stay home instead of grid locking the roads and grow a garden.
     That 25%, is just the start of work that will stop when the number counters take up Gardening. Think of all their infrastructure,  suppliers, the manufactures, the miners and loggers, Who will also have to take up gardening. This is just the start of the end of a lot of extra unnecessary work. 
     What do we really need, Reduce your use of fossil fuels 15% today, to start with, be aware of your use, find a way to eliminate it, or at least 15% less this year, more if possible. End the waste. This means more people will be unemployed, throw in a few robots taking over jobs and we have a lot of people who will be turning dirt, and there is no reason not to take advantage this coming Spring. Dig In, the Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders is now looking for farms to start refugee camps, and grow great food again. If you hear of any locations, or if we can be of assistance...give us a call....604 928 3663.

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