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Friday, March 3, 2017

Feed The People.

     The Garden Party's plan to feed the world is ; opening up the farm gates across the Canadian Praires. The purpose, good food for the hungry, locally and internationally. By good stewards. Every farm a productive education facility, serving the local needs and that of the greater community, a place refugees and unemployed would be welcomed.
     The Garden Party is not tax write off Foundation, is not interested in owning land, but will buy land if wanted. We consider ourselves Good Stewards of The Earth, Caretakers doing worthy work, making a social contribution. One location, done right, ten more or ten thousand more will follow. So we are working through the web of land ownership, what we would like is; to occupy land and farms with the freedom to develop and evolve with changing times. We are willing, very adaptable, and do consider our work essential for a positive future. We welcome participation and support. It is the future.
    Wild Onions, in our Garden.
   A few days ago, snow.
    Now, wind powered robot Gardener.

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