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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Empower Yourself.

     I can tell you how to achieve self empowerment to do what is of true value, where there is no argument, only benefit for the whole. From this position of no position, the whole can clearly be seen to the smallest detail. However, we are dealing with the present social structure run by capitalism, so, we adapt to what we are getting rid of, that is capitalism and money. If we are empowered truthfully, we will change the world collectively without needing money's permission, as one family, completely inclusive. We all have a job to do in re-creation, the job I am working on is the Big Picture, with my shovel, experience, and physical condition, gardening is perfect. I consider myself as a artist working on an evolving masterpiece, little bit here, little bit there, I do expect to be spending some time on the prairies this year, stirring up some community actions that will enhance both the social and environment landscape. l love listening and talking with an large audience when there is an opportunity. But one on one is fine if something is progressing, sometimes a little composting has to be done before good seeds take root. Persistence, and patience, we are growing, we are self governing, developing our design of self reliant social stucture, inclusive community, not separate from, each person is a bud, and grows a branch, of community, a community of ten people are connected to hundreds, to tens of thousands. A common goal, for the common good, what can we not do, what can we stop doing, or stop capitalism from doing, as we put the whole of Capitalism in the compost, one shovel in the ground is a shovel of capitalism in the compost. We are making considerable progress, Self Government, year five, pushing a hundred ideas into play, without stress or mess. Dig on, reduce your fossil fuel consumption another 15%. Planning to be in Spences Bridge area March 11. Hill Top Camp Ground. To confirm, follow Blog or ph 604 928 3663.
    Local Saanich service with access to our nursery 
   First flowers, primroses.
   Last fall chanterelles 

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