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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Down The Line.

     Something is happening out there. The resent world wide attention this Blog has gotten in the past two weeks has caught me by surprise. Around 200 new global friends. I will, am, making a direct appeal to all who read this blog, that we work together for a better world for all of its citizens. 
     Some few people who believe they are better than others, or are only concerned about themselves are on my Facebook, we are here to work it out with everybody, sooner the better, locally and internationally. For starters we are all one family and have the same relatives, proved by science. The religion you have is what you grew up in, a child does not get to choose, but we are one family, no choice but to accept that fact.
   Borders are an obstactcle to the movement of our relatives, distant cousins. If we had no borders putting restrictions on people's movement, refugee camps would hardly exist, and certainly would not last very long. 
    The Garden Party Self Government, has no Borders. Borders are not a human benefit, borders are a freedom lost. The Garden Party is embracing the freedom of movement, we call it The New World Evolving Order, all the kids get fed, Start a Garden this year, even if it is in a pot, you never know when a hungry cousin will be freely walking by, and dropping in.

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