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Monday, March 13, 2017

Don't Wait For Elections, Ex-cons.

     Elect yourself, one vote will do. The Garden Party now has a Minister of Fund Collecting, to fund a transition house for prison inmates that get released. The Minister of Collecting has perfect credentials, he has spent a good part of his life in prison. He is now wanting to help, where there was none for him, having repeatedly fallen back after release. He has overcome that, and is now is ready to make a real social contribution. This Action, to happen sooner than later, is to be encouraged across all imaginary borders, and, with local imagination to develop this type of service, operated by ex-cons, who know what it's like being released from jail world. Adjustment is no easy task. Without means, or friends who care, going back to jail is a common affair. This Good Spot help type af operation can only do good more than bad. The savings will far outweigh the costs of repeat incarcerations, that is obvious, we don't need a study to figure that out.  Ex- cons That Care, make yourself known, we have lots of ideas, and this is one we hope to get going in Nanimo, BC.
     Imagine the cost, and the time, doing what should be done, if left up to Elected Governments. The Garden Party Self Government does not record donations, nor give anyone a excuse to write off taxes destined for the public purse which often go instead to Politcal Parties Wallets. Giving here is giving, about $300,000, will get results, that is what we want for Nanimo,  If we are to continue having prisons, this project will mean less are needed, and we will be moving in the right direction to correction, when prisons are few. People make Miracles happen, Spring is Coming, Dig In, and pass along some of the dirty money to our Minister with Credentials for the job.

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