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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Canada's Growing Economy

    Apparently Canada's economy is growing. Canadians must be using too much toilet paper. This is a National Disaster and calls for an immediate roll back. Canadian forests are disappearing into outhouses. Cut back 15% today. Hold it back, 15% fewer trips through the snow to sit on that cold throne. The Garden Party's Goal for 15% reduction of Toilet Paper consumption for 2017. This applies to every Canadian. Garden Party International Law states that Waste is a Crime against Humanity, and 240 unemployed spies may be installed under out houses to gather solid evidence that can be presented in court. 
     The Economy of Money requires more waste and less trees, but Real Economy means less waste and more trees. Save Canada's Forests, shrink the false economy, wear out your cloths, stop buying junk, 34 million people practising real economy in their Out Houses every day, would shut down at least one energy glut polluting pulp mill. One tenth of the pulp and paper mills would easily handle Canada's paper needs if all paper waste stopped. Lotto tickets, sales flyers, stickers on organic apples, voting ballots, Easter Cards, parking tickets, excessive packaging, waste without value, a liability to extract, to manufacture, to transport and distribute, a liability to recycle or dump, polluting and consumming energy from start to finish, making money and growing toxic dumps untill the world is just one big stinking dump. 

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