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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Big Brother Is Watching You.

    We need spies, how else are we going to get our ideas spread around? The Garden Party have not had a visit by a spy in months. Only Gardeners. Possibly the spies who had been watching our blog quit and took up Gardening. 
     It is odd that this blog is blocked only by Turkey, where it was very popular. Perhaps The New Dictator doe not like Gardening. The Garden Party, Self Government Without Borders suggests Dictators might be better occupied as Scarecrows. 
     China blocked OAT, as well for almost a year, and now it seems the block was dropped. OAT Blog is getting views from Countries we have never heard about, we are connected to the World, there is no doubt. We take it very seriously, whatever we do, say, or actions we encourage, and we are encouraging "holidays", like Do Nothing Buy Nothing Day, 21st Every Month, a exercise of world action simultaneously by Gardeners. And who is not a Gardener? We also encourage Self Government, and have taken over Three US states, and all of Mexico even if it has not yet been announced officially, until now. We encourage things like, reducing fossil fuel use this year by 15% on a personal level. We promote natural diversity with local food production, and for ending monoculture, herbicides Monsanto, etc. we also are taking over the food production in Canada, several hundred shovel fulls today. Plants are going out, networks are being formed, maybe they are all spies. No matter, we will make Gardeners out all the spies.
     March 8th, No Work No Buy Day, USA,  organized by Women's March sending a hoe to Trump. Join In Everybody. Have a Garden Party.

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  1. Hey man great stuff Louie. Love the show and the idea of it. Keep it up.