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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

BC Opiate Crisis BS.

     The Crsis is Elected and Non Elected Government Officials. Complete ninkumboops, every decision a legal mombo jumbo, sure to keep the shit going. Legalize the street drugs, so addicts can pick them up at drug stores, free if necessary. Set up detox centres that work for all different kinds of Addictions, address the Causes. The detox centres could be set up in weeks, that is if you have the resources and know what is needed, and how to do it.  Apparently we have a brain dead know it all Crisis, in the BC Government. The Canadian Federal Government for that matter. 
     Legal Street Drugs, Free in Drugs Stores for Addicts, could be arranged in a week. Elected Government even call it a Crisis, and count the monthly dead, and still do not make the Responce that is needed, never mind even look at the Causes, of which Governments own a good part of the blame. 
     One; Legalize The Street Drugs, Two; Open detox centres that works for the addicts, available on demand, with follow up for as long as needed. Free. Three; eliminate the causes, there are many, take them all on.
     The Garden Party Self Government Declares All Drugs Legal in Canada as of Now, now let's get rid of their use, by addressing the causes. Former Addicts who have ideas to set up detox centres, make yourself known, help is coming.
     Planted Garlic in Spences Bridge Today, helping grape vines tomorrow. Lots of work, bring your tent, no flyers to deliver for Electoral Reform, learn to grow abundance here, and other places, and we will help those involved, and others to get set up producing food, while you get off your addition,that will be the pay off. 

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