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Thursday, March 30, 2017

BC Gets New Legislature.

     Yes, this is the Best Fixed Election of all Elections The Self Government Garden Party puts an end to all Political Parties, it is one world, we are all on the same team, and now under the Dictatorship of The Self Government Garden Party, we can all work together to do what needs doing, and undo what needs undoing. 
     We have just started The University of Fastest Retraining, with no fixed address. On Wheels. Moves where it is needed, can hand out graduation diplomas in multiple locations at once, according to demand. Classes have started, but you can start when you get to Spences Bridge, and, we could use of some professors, farmer kind, on pension. Student tuition is free, no books to buy, camping is free if attending class, tools will be provided. First Class is Pruneing Fruit Trees, and when that class is over and all the trees are pruned, we will start another class immediately. We are on Wheels, and Spences Bridge is the nicest place to be right now, the Honey Bees are Busy, and so are the Gardeners.
     Get your retraining before the big rush on the Banks to find out there is nothing in their vaults,  even the bankers will be enrolling in our Classless University on Wheels for fastest retraining. We are in second gear now, but I Feel Like Flooring Elections, and getting on with governing, how about you? Want to be a Candidate?
    BC's New Legislature, Roof leaks where the men sit to do their most important paperwork.
    Poplar Bud in Olive Oil.
    Want to help get this power plant going? 

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