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Friday, March 31, 2017

Insurance Corrupt.

     The Legal Criminal Insurance Industries sell protection. Before the Legal Protection Racket, now called Insurance, there was 'The Mob', illegal Organized Crime Protection Racket, and everybody paid. Pay or we mess up your business, simple contract clearly understood, without a piece of paper, just like the police, you had to pay them off. After public pressure, the mob had to drop the illegal protection payoff racket and so did the police. The Mob, with purchased politicians set up a legal protection racket, and called the scam Insurance. The Same People, with some competition, getting the same results. The crime did not stop, it has been legislated into law, and now, The legalized Criminals get police protection,  everybody is paying a little bit to Organized Crime with every single little purchase. People insure everything, their stuff, their mortgage, their life, their wheelbarrow, what a huge racket. It is far worse today than is was in 1920. Organized Crime has redefined, and now has The Law, to back their crime and force everybody to pay. 
     That's Scam is Over. Feeling better already. Insurance Company Employees had better start a garden this year, all Insurance Companies are headed for The Garden Party Compost, where all rotten dead wood goes, we are heavy on pruning right now. 
     It is a good time for laid off Insurance sales people to take advantage of free lessons on pruning fruit trees in Spences Bridge, and get some portable wealth. Or bring your skill and be a professor.
     The Minister For More Unemployment will be in Agassiz Sunday, Saanich Tuesday, back in SB as soon as possible, the weather is great to work in right now.
    Social capitalism, Real Community, the only Insurance that can be relied on.

Only for Singh Simrpreet.

     Will be back in touch when I get a new phone, patience, my phone is too old, lost my messenger service. A week.

19 Billion Into NATO.

     It that why the Fraud Canadian Federal Elected Government wants to tax a garden herb. Shut down NATO and bring the troops from Europe home, we need more gardeners. Global warming is our crisis and Russia's as well. We are adding to the problem flying jets around and the only benefits go to the Canadian Criminal Arms Industries. 19 Billion Dollars on just NATO, a drop in the bucket of world wide waste. Are the Leaders all just plain Nuts? Are all their supporters nuts as well? People who allow Nuts access to Nuclear Weapons, are they Nuts too? Is Everybody Nuts?
     Garden Party Policy, to remain sane in a nuthouse, on May 21st vote for Self Government, and take the country direction  away from Nuts.    

Thursday, March 30, 2017

BC Gets New Legislature.

     Yes, this is the Best Fixed Election of all Elections The Self Government Garden Party puts an end to all Political Parties, it is one world, we are all on the same team, and now under the Dictatorship of The Self Government Garden Party, we can all work together to do what needs doing, and undo what needs undoing. 
     We have just started The University of Fastest Retraining, with no fixed address. On Wheels. Moves where it is needed, can hand out graduation diplomas in multiple locations at once, according to demand. Classes have started, but you can start when you get to Spences Bridge, and, we could use of some professors, farmer kind, on pension. Student tuition is free, no books to buy, camping is free if attending class, tools will be provided. First Class is Pruneing Fruit Trees, and when that class is over and all the trees are pruned, we will start another class immediately. We are on Wheels, and Spences Bridge is the nicest place to be right now, the Honey Bees are Busy, and so are the Gardeners.
     Get your retraining before the big rush on the Banks to find out there is nothing in their vaults,  even the bankers will be enrolling in our Classless University on Wheels for fastest retraining. We are in second gear now, but I Feel Like Flooring Elections, and getting on with governing, how about you? Want to be a Candidate?
    BC's New Legislature, Roof leaks where the men sit to do their most important paperwork.
    Poplar Bud in Olive Oil.
    Want to help get this power plant going? 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Garden Party B.C. Elections,

    Self Government of BC is having its very first provincial election on Sunday, May 21st, 2017. The Garden Party is looking for communication with one person to be a candidate for every riding in BC. Come on, everybody is in the Garden Party, its a one big family party. All you have to do in this election, is vote for yourself. Instantly, you are Government, locally and globally. So the costly waste of elections and voting and ending up with Fraud Elections, and Money running the show, at any rate, we need a complete change of government and the Garden Party is taking over, one shovel full of dirt at a time.
     May 21st, candidate could get together some where to celebrate our win, and get right to work. We uknow a few places we can be useful while we are having our committee meetings. It could be quite a party!!! Bring your own, tools.
     Garden Party Self Government Of BC First Fixed Elections Called for May 21st, Participatory Democracy to be firmly fixing it's root in BC. Where is the opposition? 
      We are Looking for candidates, are you ready? Add a little spice in your life? What more have you got to lose, don't give that vote away, carry it with you, it is all the power you need to be a member in the very first Election of Self Government in BC. And, you can be the Minister of your own choice. 
     This idea will likely spread across Canada, why not, it is official, the Garden Party is now having Elections in all Provinces. That gives the whole country the same opportunity to partake in this History Making Election that will change all Elections, and Government. Tell that to the Grand Kids, you made your vote count for once.
    Jump in for the ride.
    Great spot to meet.
    Welcome to the shade.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Garden Party India.

    That's right, hardly did we get the words out of our mouths that The Garden Party was going International, again, that we have been offered a farm in the Northern Part of India, to do what we do, assess the situation, wheat fields there right now. 
    Even if we do not recognize borders, we are forced to have passports. Slows down our Instant Response To Disaster Prevention Team. Border Rules, made by dictators of one form or another claiming ownership, stop free movement of at least one of Gods creatures, humans. Inhuman and Ungodly in any religion. Borders profit big business, and Dictators, but hinder the people's business and movement.  Freedom from Borders, is Garden Party Policy, 
    Occupation India, sounds good. Get a passport for now, on the list of Silly Things to get rid of so more people have an opportunity to travel and garden. 
    The Garden Party, Self Government of India Without Borders, is taking root in Ludhiana, Punjab, India. Where next?
    These are apple blossoms today, in Spences Bridge, BC. 

    Not yet.

Life Is Better In The Garden.

     It don't matter what problem or aliment you got, when you get into a garden a different world opens up, effectual in the healing of every problem. From the Horses Mouth, not from Dr Donald Duck, Doctors in Canada are pill pushing quacks who throw pills at symptoms, totally ignoring the causes of pain. After that, they are giving all kinds of pills to deal with side effects created by the pills they issued after a five minute diagnosis on the patient, that got as far as symptoms. The original cause of the pain may have healed on it own, but the new symptoms from the pills, carry on for decades, and they do, in many people. This is big bucks for the Criminal Legal Drug Industries, and their Lawyers, it would not supprize anyone today to know to what extent some people will go to make big bucks. Could it be intentional? 
   Well, here is the biggest buck of all, Go to the Garden before you go to see a quack. Expect all big drug industries in the compost, their interest is Money, not Health, end of story. The Garden Party is changing the story now, poplar buds are in the olive oil, that makes two drug stores in six weeks, more or less.
      All things start with one step, step on your shovel and start a garden, good for the health, guaranteed.
    Flower Buds
    See those rows of trees accross the road, that is here, from the Grapes.
    Pruners, where are you? Working for organized crime?

Monday, March 27, 2017

One Is On Her Way.

     From Montreal Canada, she is leaving Ontario in about a week, driving a pickup truck, always working, helping people out that can't afford to pay, on her way to prune fruit trees in Spences Bridge. We can connect and keep you posted as to her progress, perhaps you would like to meet her, she carrys cheer with her, and can chop wood. It is not likly she will be in Spences Bridge on time for pruning the fruit trees, but food farms always have lots to do Spring Summer and Fall.
     So if anybody wants to take a week off from corporate capitalism, get fresh air, and do a week of social capitalism, now would be a good time. The Garden Party charges nothing for its work, nor pays it civil servants a thin dime, we function on a real economy. Social Capitalism, has already taken root from Rocks of Vancouver Island to the Rock Gardens of Cornerbrook NFL. Now we are going international, it is natural evolution, the world is changing quickly to correction, without money. The New World Order, be the change.
     See you soon Wood Chopper.

Fruit Trees to Prune.

     Spences Bridge, local food producer had a stroke last winter, one handed pruning is slow, and trees need pruning now. Some accommodation and gas money for experienced pruners, but if you want to learn how to prune, welcome and come now. Being tools if you have them.  Phone Louis at 604 928 3663 so we know to expect you, directions etc. Grapes are done for now. Warm here today. 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Down The Line.

     Something is happening out there. The resent world wide attention this Blog has gotten in the past two weeks has caught me by surprise. Around 200 new global friends. I will, am, making a direct appeal to all who read this blog, that we work together for a better world for all of its citizens. 
     Some few people who believe they are better than others, or are only concerned about themselves are on my Facebook, we are here to work it out with everybody, sooner the better, locally and internationally. For starters we are all one family and have the same relatives, proved by science. The religion you have is what you grew up in, a child does not get to choose, but we are one family, no choice but to accept that fact.
   Borders are an obstactcle to the movement of our relatives, distant cousins. If we had no borders putting restrictions on people's movement, refugee camps would hardly exist, and certainly would not last very long. 
    The Garden Party Self Government, has no Borders. Borders are not a human benefit, borders are a freedom lost. The Garden Party is embracing the freedom of movement, we call it The New World Evolving Order, all the kids get fed, Start a Garden this year, even if it is in a pot, you never know when a hungry cousin will be freely walking by, and dropping in.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Nothing And Everything.

Google occupation apple tree and go to Images. Too tired tonight, nice day but pruning grapes in steady cool wind and late night blog work has left me short of sleep. Images will give anyone interested, the evolution of the gardening and The Garden Party, we continue to evoke evolution, someone is heading west to BC from Ontario bringing two strong hands looking foreword to digging in, so said a message received today, perhaps there are other strong hands looking for exercise, to learn or teach who would like to join in, welcome.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Bank On Gardens.

     Banks are on the undo list of The Minister For More Unemployment. That should take care of the grid lock traffic jams for all the other people going to useless jobs everyday in Canada. At least they will burn less gasoline without heavy traffic jams and get to work on time to do nothing but make and maintain waste production every day. All the waste industry paycheck slaves would be wise to stay home and start a Garden, as all useless work is on the chopping block of The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders or Banks.  There will be lots of room on the streets and highways when useless work isn't making more wasted work to maintain highways for non sense. 
     The Garden Party is considering launching a new taxi service that will be free, and making Donald Trump pay for it. Our first Taxi can be purchased for $6,500, ready to roll. The Mayor of Stomville, Population of One, will start the free Taxi Service to all residents of his town. 
    False News: Trump said he would pay for it but the taxi would have to be used in America First, and, we will admit that some refugees in the US need free rides north to the Canadian Border, but the taxi would be empty going south and that is not good economy, even if Trump and his supporters Pay Both Ways. And they might willing, Canada will get all the benefits and all the US will be left with is gasoline fumes and a quacking Donald Duck, 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Garden Party Convention.

     The Convention at the Hill Top Fruit Stand Camp Site, on Highway One, between Spences Bridge and Ashcroft B.C. is in progress. The Mayor of  Stromville, BC, with The Garden Party Minister For More Unemployment, are on site for at least the next five days. We are in constant in the field committee meetings pruning dead wood and grape vines, cleaning up and doing some improvements to the camping grounds, exploing the aera. It is a great spot to camp, there are plenty of jobs we can do to help the farm owners as they prepare for another busy summer, many tons of food get produced here every year. We are glad to be involved, the help is appreciated, the weather is pleasant to work in, there is year round spring fed water, dry clean air, natural surroundings and the Honey Bees are flying. An old Pelton Wheel here, is in the process of being revived to produce green electricity. Any one wanting sunshine and exercise, participate is welcome, all ages, no money required. The Garden Party Convention has started here in Spences Bridge, and will continue for a undetermined time. Drop in.

Zero Unemployment Canada.

     The Self Government of Canada Without Borders, The Garden Party, a Party that encompasses all Political Labels, all color variations, all Religions all Sexes and all ages has achieved Zero Unemployment, and at present needs about 250 000 Young Garden Farmers Full Time, or about 125,000 Old Garden Farmers Part Time for Long Term Jobs, changing agriculture practices in Western Canada. There is a bit of dirt to turn, and that is a Specialty of The Garden Party. We have jobs for all the people who do not need money and who can pay their employers the minimum wage, plus expenses. Now that seems like a fair deal, to have the privilege of a job, fresh air and daily workouts, job satisfaction, no commute or driving stress, work hours up to workers, campground facilities (maintained by workers at their own expence), Spring Fed water supply, perfect place for all ages, 70 year olds can get in shape and stay in good health, and it cost nothing to go to work, bring your tents and campers, don't forget the Garden Tools, bring them all and leave the ones you are no longer using on the farm for others. There is 112 acres of work to do, the weather is warming up and Sping is an ideal time for work and socializing in Spences Bridge. Full Employment for all who want to make a real contribution and can pay their own way. There is more than Gardening and orchard work here, farm maintenance requires many skilled trades, bring your tools. 
      Today we are pulling sagebrush, fixing tractors, pruning grapes, picking poplar buds, raking leaves, talking about world conditions, changing world conditions, and a whole bunch of other stuff, get it touch, Louis, Jim, and Dave. in the Camp Ground, ph 604 928 3663. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

BC Opiate Crisis BS.

     The Crsis is Elected and Non Elected Government Officials. Complete ninkumboops, every decision a legal mombo jumbo, sure to keep the shit going. Legalize the street drugs, so addicts can pick them up at drug stores, free if necessary. Set up detox centres that work for all different kinds of Addictions, address the Causes. The detox centres could be set up in weeks, that is if you have the resources and know what is needed, and how to do it.  Apparently we have a brain dead know it all Crisis, in the BC Government. The Canadian Federal Government for that matter. 
     Legal Street Drugs, Free in Drugs Stores for Addicts, could be arranged in a week. Elected Government even call it a Crisis, and count the monthly dead, and still do not make the Responce that is needed, never mind even look at the Causes, of which Governments own a good part of the blame. 
     One; Legalize The Street Drugs, Two; Open detox centres that works for the addicts, available on demand, with follow up for as long as needed. Free. Three; eliminate the causes, there are many, take them all on.
     The Garden Party Self Government Declares All Drugs Legal in Canada as of Now, now let's get rid of their use, by addressing the causes. Former Addicts who have ideas to set up detox centres, make yourself known, help is coming.
     Planted Garlic in Spences Bridge Today, helping grape vines tomorrow. Lots of work, bring your tent, no flyers to deliver for Electoral Reform, learn to grow abundance here, and other places, and we will help those involved, and others to get set up producing food, while you get off your addition,that will be the pay off. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Balm of Cottonwood.

     Also know as black poplar. The sap in the leaf buds are potent, anti bacterial and anti fungal, at any rate foot fungus flees when confronted by the poplar resin dissolved into olive oil, these oils are often made into ointments by using a bit of bee's wax. 
    Throat irritations, coughing, for whatever the cause, relief is quick and lasting from sucking on just one poplar bud, don't know all the medical reasons, but that is fifty years at least of personal observations. Poplar is an aspen tree, the original aspirin was made from this tree, I believe.
     The process is simple, pick the leaf buds just before they open, when you see little drops of sap on the outside of buds, that's when I like to pick and dry them. Sticky finger job.
     The fresh, but not wet, buds can be put in clear jars half filled and covered over by a third more, in olive oil, put a cloth over the top, set in a warm sunny window, six weeks, once a week, stir gently with a stick. Now you can use the oil, or strain out the buds and make a salve. 
     This is one way to make salve; grate bees wax, heat up the oil with a bit of grated bee's wax on the surface, it will float until it melts, as soon as it melts, keep the oil mix at that minimum temperature. This is where you can decide how hard you want to make your salve, too soft it will liquefy on hot summer days, if it too hard, it will be hard to apply and feel oily on your skin, this greasy feeling is due to excessive bees wax. Hard salve may be good for a lip balm which you can also make, but hard salve is not great for a general skin application, as it may remain oily longer than desired. The bees wax molecules are bigger than olive oil molecules and do not absorb as well, in other words don't use more wax than you need to. To get the consistency to suit yourself, requires melting a bit of wax, stir gently as to not mix in a lot of air, put a drop on a cold plate out of the freezer, it should solidify pronto, feel how hard it is, if it turns into mush, add a little more wax, work your way up to the hardness you like, then pour into small jars, let solidify, put on lids and its good for years. The antioxidants in the resin prevent the oil from going rancid. Want to know more, google it.
    Leaf bud is best, avoid the buds with cores in them that produce the cotton balls, they turn black inside when dried, they are mostly on the ends of the blanches, open buds till you know the difference, it will be obvious, after a bit of picking, and missed ones can be picked out later when you spread them thinly to dry, I dry in trays, screens are not recommended, sap is hard to remove. Waxed Paper  in trays works fine.
    Bud with sap, sticky when warm.
    The Tree, soft wood burns quickly and hot without smoke, branches break easily. Makes cotton balls in the Spring.
    Rough bark, Good Medicine.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Holy Grapes!

     7 acres waitng for ?? Lots of water, working with the farming family owners, will be looking this over in the next few days, maybe tomorrow, but have tomorrow already booked with useless activities like getting vehicle insurance and such that nobody wants to hear about ever more. Soon, it can't be very long now that useless work will stop, that would leave lots of time to do more things of value like planting grapevines, the ten year plan, has been shortened to six years, so things are increasing in velocity. Warm and sunny today in Spences Bridge, just makes you itch to be in the Garden, perfect, at least three people exercising garden tools here today. Greenhouse plants are happening now. Poplar buds are perfect for picking here as well as in the Frazer Valley, pick them now, leaves will come quickly with the heat. Lots of branchs and tree tops broke off this year with the ice rains and wet snow, should also be a good year for Spring mushrooms, watch for Verpa around the cottonwood trees, same tree that produes the sticky poplar buds. Suck on one bud for a sore throat, works ever time for everyone I know that has tried it, stops coughs too.