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Monday, February 20, 2017

World Doing Nothing Day Feb 21st.

     Doing nothing, on mass, has some points worth investigating. Requires no effort for those not needing the exercise of marching, can shut down any government, gives time for overworked under paid employees to have a mental rest, which if spent in a garden, real value may still be gained. As there is a major difference between ; work under bosses where you have become just another commodity and have to do what is demanded and give up your own autonomy; and, the work that is a passion and self expression, and, to work at a pace and time that feels right for you. When what you are doing is your desire, and the result of your work is also under your control to direct its application.
     Since the Industrial Age working people spend on average 1/3 of their lives sleeping, 1/3 at work, getting to work etc. And that time spent at work, influences greatly what they do in the other 1/3, if they are lucky enough to have even a 1/3 of 'leisure' time, what most wage slave working people consider living. Often enough, there is very little satisfaction of that 'free living time', as other demands of life all have to fit into that free 'lesure' time.  For many, exhaustion of body and mind from work may mean energy levels are down and hours are spent watching mindless entertainment, or enjoying your favourite antidepressants. Which really means the only 1/3 of living that many working people do that express who they are, is while they are sleeping. If sleeping is messed up by their daily activities of work or habits, it would be hard to remain a happy camper for long.
      Now on the other hand, when a worker gets up at a hour of choice, goes to do desired work of passion, necessity or choice and decides at what, when, where, how much, and has no stress or pressure of money, work can be just another word for fofillment and pleasure, as most Gardeners feel even if they spend 14 hours at work every day,  they might say, life is a joy. Mushroom Pickers might say after a day in woods from sunrise to sunset, the same, many trades men and women might also put in long hours even without pay, but with purpose and personal control, and say life is good. However, most people would quit their slave jobs if they could find better, many just give up their natural expression, accept what they are doing, compare themselves to workers worse off, and life becomes a pattern of eat, sleep, work, vote every four years, complain, and die.  
     To break this redicilous non living routine, join in to World Do Nothing Day,Feb 21st. Gardening is okey, so are Garden Parties where people get together with friends and strangers to discuss direction to correction, and initiate action. Dig In.

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