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Sunday, February 19, 2017

US Management Fired.

    "There is, then, within workers' resistance a latent but nonetheless real possibility of more deliberate control demands, that under certain historical circumstances may transcend the usual boundaries of struggle, and provide a glimpse of a new order." 
     Is not this such a time, this latent desire of people to break free of the irksomeness of the present system of control? Who does not have a conscious desire for a new field of activity? Are not people challenging the powers that be? Are not people wanting control and standing up to management making their voices herd around the world? Is it not time for people to take that control of their lives from the one percent who are directing our governments for the purpose of profits? Are ninety nine percent nothing more than a commodity? 
     A Glimpse of a new order, that is what happening, even in the USA. Trump may soon find himself removed so smoothly, good move, but he is not the whole problem, the real power controling the US Government is still with the one percent, big property and big money. A clear glimpse of the New Order has No President Trump, No Big Money Government, no money at all, no workers for sale, full employment, 42% Gardeners.
     Do Nothing Day Feb 21st, World Spring Holiday, New World Order, Garden Parties Everywhere.

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