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Sunday, February 12, 2017

To Sell or Not to Sell.

     Should not the question be to the Purchaser "why do you want it?" Why do you want these diamond rocks from Northern Canada that getting them is destruction of flora and fauna? Why do want this paper for that we should build roads into caribou range to get the trees? Is it for paper flyers, lottery tickets, valentine cards, how virtuous is that? Why do you want oil and gas that we put pipelines and roads in the path of elk and moose?  Is all this to drive your car around delivering Valentine Cards, buying lottery tickets and to show off your diamonds? For none of these things should we supply any purchaser. The real cost far far outweighs the benefit of any amount of money, No Sale. 
     Every extracted resource, every manufactured item, every imported or exported item, every recycled or dumped item, is a cost to the environment. A Book of matches or Mighty Machines, all real costs to our natural environment. To use resources for those purposes is a disrespect of caribou, common sence, and all of Nature.
     Consider for a moment, if capitalism did not exsist, do you think all those people slaving up in Northern Canada at the jobs cutting trees, hauling millions of tons of dirt to extract ores and diamonds, or dirty oil, and produce items to fill up dumps, do you think they would do all this to past their lives away for foolishness, waste and garbage? We think not. But because the world is locked in a Capital System, people do all this work to make money to pay for the cost of making a living, and, trying to keep growing the 'economy' which is the opposite of the real meaning of economy.
     So, a big transition must take place, capitalism is impossible. Most of the work done today is wasted work, consumming limited resources, under a Social Framework completely controled by Capitalism. It is failing everywhere, you might even say it has failed all, now that is gone, Capitalism Is Over, Declared Offishery, Feb 14, 2017, by The Garden Party, Self Government Without Elections or Borders. Welcome to the shade,full employment immediately, now I ask you 'why do you want these trees cut down'?

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