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Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Tyranny Of Work.

     "We harbour no illusions about the ease with which people could take control of their work and their communities. Those who presently dominate the political economies of advanced capitalist nations fiercely and, if need be, violently resist encroachments on their power and privileges. Only when working people take up the struggle on a massive basis will the full development of our personal and social lives become
possible." J. W. Rinehart.
     We have to start somewhere, The Garden Party has started in the Garden, five more acres of farm land has come available this morning on Vancouver Island. Due to other commitments on the mainland right now, we will get back to check this new piece in a couple of weeks. We are confident that we have at least a location to move our present nursery, if the need arises. Another welcome little step of cooperation, and worker control of the community food supply. This concept of local, worker controlled food supply, is the foundation for full development of our personal and social lives. Dig In, March On, World Do Nothing Day, Capitalist Collapse Day, Drive Nothing Day, Holliday, Garden Party Day, Feb 21st, March 21st, April 21st, until the job is done, doing nothing can be very effective, especially if many do nothing, that certainly would be something. Don't miss this opportunity to do something.

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