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Friday, February 10, 2017

The End of Capitalism.

The Social framework, at present functioning under Capitalism, can be likened to a man with a thousand cuts but still alive. Capitalism has no salvation, has been patched up and altered from crash to crash, it is now so out of the control, even the best minds that money can buy sitting in towers reaching for heaven, can only do a temporary fix for a economic crash, and every fix made, ends up three more problems in some other part of the ever growing mumbo jumbo numbers of debts and assets. An economic system, one without an inkling of mathematical integrity. The Capital System is already broken down for most of the population, and it has broken down environmental stability on this planet, yet by its dying gasps for survival, Capitalism can only demand more on the poor environment, to feed itself to the bitter end and complete break down, for even those who have it all. Inevitable, not all at once, just ten thousand little cuts or failures, here and there around world every day. 
     That is why The Garden Party is in the process now of replacing Capitalism as the grease of our Social Framework. The Garden Party has developed an operational social method, or framework  that requires no money at all, and functions with far greater efficientcy, full employment, and never the stress of money requirements. We are ready for the complete retirement of Capitalism, but are you? Grow a Garden, the snow is melting, and so is Capitalism. 

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