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Monday, February 6, 2017

That's It For Putin

     Not sure who will go first, Putin or Trump, or that guy that thinks he is God's choice in Turkey. There is an abundance of Gobblers sitting at the top of the nature's pecking order around the world, and plenty more to take that high perch, should any be pushed off, as has been the case, proving the power of nature and fixed elections. Definitely, it is time  to change the menu.  Not that these virtuous feathered vultures don't speak some eloquent truths we already know, but are at the same time such birds that might consider picking bones bare a great enjoyment. Putin's perch is cracking, Trump's is cracked but eloquent, especial about how people who love him and who love 'not so innocent' USA. are welcome, but those who cannot love him like he loves himself, them should be deported without delay. They could be terrorists but so could cows, far more people are getting killed by cows sitting on them in Canada, must be pretty much equal in the United States, cows are definitely a threat to national security and a big danger when it comes to the survival of mankind. Canada deports a lot of Cows that sits on people to the US, and a lot of cows that never say on nobody, if Trump discovers where all the cows are coming from into America First, it is very likely he will build a Great Northern Wall in the name of National Security, and Canada will be stuck with serious losses of life due to getting sat upon by an overpopulation of Cows. Unbelievable Tail, but not exaggerated or embellished in any eloquent manner, and as true as sugar is bad for your general health and alcohol is a poisen, and Putin is going on a long vacation and Gardening is a joy when you don't find a cow in your Garden and it is not snowing.

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