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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Speaking Engagements.

    The Garden Party Minister of Diversity welcomes all requests for a dialogue. Be it one person, or the world. We are ready for some good inspirational kick in the butt motivation, if the heart is right, right action will follow.
     The Garden Party Minister of Feeding People and Agriculture, has a grand idea, that can be of a Great Benefit for the flood of farm workers expected migrating from the US. This is a opportunity to fill up all those empty houses in shrinking little towns across the Prairies. Bringing little towns new life, with local small clean industries, boosting of local business, providing local food security, adding diversity and variety, the spice of life. Refugees will not be taking jobs, they will be making jobs, Now are you ready to go to work on a big dig in?
    Before you stick the shovel in the ground, what is the goal? Take care of the well being and immediate needs of the new arrivals. All newcomers with a feel for the soil, could be given the tools to exercise their passion. Local Food Production. Go ahead Canadians, organize your town, take in homeless refugees, in your own homes if necessary. Set up your local food supply, support the set up, and it will support you for generations. And this is where monoculture, mighty machines, soil poisoning agriculture is ending. We are learning from mistakes. Agriculture across the Praires is about to transform. The time of big changes by little bits, if you request dialogue, or need inspiration, or a lightening bolt, text The Minister of Diversity: 604 928 2663. BC to Manitoba. Have you shovels ready.
     Self Government of Canada Without Walls, at your service, laying the rejected brick.

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