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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Open Canada US Border.

     Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta borders with the USA need to be opened for refugees coming north to get away from Trump. There are plenty of empty farm houses and boarded up businesses in small towns across the prairies to fill up with needed agricultural workers. We have to change agriculture practises in Canada and no better time or opportunity than now. Welcome all that come and see to their immediate needs, just like you would do for your relatives, yes, take them home and make them feel like they have at last arrived home.
    Now, we are going to have to organize a few things, like making farm land available to do the new way that agriculture is going to be practiced in Canada, not the monoculture, herbicides, pesticides, soil eroding, unsustainable practices, wiping out all diversity that are what we call farming that is practised at present with mighty machines. 
     The Garden Party Self Government of Canada Without Borders is preparing to put all resources on hand into Project Common Sence, and makes this transparent request for a One Billion Dollar Nonrepayable Loan for R and D, research and development, just like Bombardier, from the Public Purse, to be paid back in carrots, Saskatoon Berries and Sustainable Life. Nothing fancy but more desirable than fighter jets, bombs, and hopelessness. 
     So, open the borders and make sure all the new guests are comfortable while the snow is melting, and make necessary preparations. If there are any logistics of insurmountable proportions, the Garden Party Emergency Responcesibiility Team will be ready to respond with a billon dollars and shovels, or at least, a few pension checks and shovels, as the deal for the Billion may not materialize, due to not making contributions out of the public purse to the federal liberal party coffers for fifty years like Bombardier. No matter, the new social framework of cooperation is beyond the control of the misery caused by money. Big changes are coming, one shovel of determination at a time. Dig In.

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