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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

If Not Now, When?

     Trade deals? Why not just open all the borders. What does this trade deal of Canada with the Europeen Union mean, more ships to haul cheese from Europe to Canada, and ships to haul cheese to Europe from Canada? Yes, that will grow the waste transportation economy, consume more resources and add more green house gases. Trade and exchange is fine for what is necessary, but if it is just going to fulfill everybody's wants, we may give life to capitalism for a few years, but efficiency, the enemy of capitalism, is what the world needs. To continue to grow economies is the opposite of what must be embraced, 
     What people could do now, is prepare for the transition, a new social functioning framework. The new framework without money, just like a family, no need for money or exchange of tokens. Extend the family. Very efficient. Needs can be covered much easier and better, it needs no borders or Trade Deals, all are family. Not that some members might need upgrading, some habits are hard to change, but change they will, make it, no time like now, dig in, develop the Framework, work with those in your circle, New World Order, without Money. Shrinking The (money) Economy, Graden Party Policy. Goal; Freedom From Money.

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