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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Garden Party World Press.

     New Assembled Treaty Oganization, NATO for short, was signed on the air waves today. This Oganization includes, Russia, USA, France, North Korea, China, UK, Pakistan, Isreal, and India. All Gardeners, and friends who eat, of all these countries, are to pick up their shovels, and Dig Nuclear Weapons Out of their own backyards simmillthniously. March, to those who claim to be your decision makers, with your shovels, if they do not comply, dig them out of office.
     That is a very simple, straightforward, and effective way to end the constant Nuclear Worry. Actions we are suggesting ; Doing Nothing, meaning Not going to work, Not buying anything, Marching with shovels is Okay, on a regular date, like the 21st of every month, and Starting this Feb 21st, no compromise, let's all dig out that problem, now and permanently, so we can focus on the work that needs addressing, like climate warming.
     The rest of the world can support The Gardeners and Friends that mobilize their dig in, by refusing to buy or sell any goods and services to and from Nuclear Armed Countries. Avoid travelling to them as well, Full Press, what one can do, First Day, Feb 21st, 2017. Dig Out Nuclear Arms.
     Pass it on mail. 
   Fresh Garden Greens.

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