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Monday, February 20, 2017

Fossil Fuel Reduction Targets.

     We take it that Canadians have been hitting the target of 15% less toilet paper for the first two months of 2017. From observation of a Scientist Nature, some people could reduce their use of toilet paper 90% and have a clear conscience, which would end up as quite a saving of fossil fuels. It must be noted, loggers drive to work, logging trucks haul to pulp mills, pulp mill worker and slave organizers drive to work, shippers haul to wholesaler, then to retailers, all these people are driving, so are clerks, office workers, money changers that are employed all counting the profits of excess use of toilet paper. And that is not all, forest soil erosion, destroyed fish and game habitat, pot holes in roads from big trucks must be repaired, millions of tons of salt poured on roads to keep up the toilet paper supply during the winter, and yet there are many outhouses in Canada with nothing but a phone book. Overuse of Toilet Paper has reached epidemic proportions, and has to be rolled back, 15%, is not asking to much of all Canadians. Apply the same methodology to all things, 15% less, and we will easily meet our target of 15% Fossil Fuel Reduction for 2017, wiping out Gobal Warming one wipe at a time. 
     Just a reminder form The Garden Party Minister For More Unemployment, Feb 21st is World Buy Nothing Day, 

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