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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Change The Story.

The world is like this, the world is like that ; the world was like this and that, but now we can all start out with new narrative, whatever that might be, one more gloom, boom and doom chapter, getting closer to the glorious end of the story, or a happier story, with volumes yet to be dreamt up.
     We all know where we are at, and no matter where you are at, if there is not enough sadness in your personal story, in your world there is an abundance of sadness and sad stories to share, enough for all. The time is here for a new story, a Happier Story for all.
     The new story..........? The world without war, that should be easy, look at all we no longer have to do,  supplying all those millions of warriors, with tanks, ships and planes for one perpose only. What polluting waste and human suffering. Cut off the supply, peacefully of course, wars do not belong in the next chapter, nor does the Nuclear Bomb. Ban the Bomb from your Garden, to leave it lying around unneeded is an invitation for a very sad story, and spoil our new narrative. Pressure by the people, needs to simmillthniously be put on all countries who have nuclear weapons, dig in and a stick to the script.
      The New Story......

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