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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Canadian Values.

      What are Canadian values? Canadians value Garbage Dumps, and can take pride in how fast they can fill them up with political election signs. Canadians love locks on doors, to protect from theft all the junk they have purchased to keep filling up Garbage Dumps. Canadians value choices in politics as long as there are not more than two mobs to choose from. Canadians value Nature, this is evident by how much they are ripping and stripping nature to build things to take home and lock up in their houses to throw in the Garbage dump later. Canadians love nature so much they drive all kinds of specialized gas machines over nature summer and winter,  looking for nature. Debt, that is a main Canadian Value. Ask em, Debt is a human right and virtue some how.  Banks in Canada, bless them, for being so virtuous like, passing out credit cards like chocolate cake to every kid that of legal age to sign up to a contract, and haul into court if they stop paying, telling everybody that their credit rating was a necessity of life. Get em in debt young, and keep em there to the grave, getting a pound of flesh from em their whole life, while they are driving over nature with their two cars and one truck, motor home, six trailers, motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, and motor boat. Very virtuous love of nature, working 52 weeks a year to pay off all those free credit cards from Banks. Banks are known in most circles as Oganized Crime, with their own Politicians to legalize their Crime. 
     Canadian Values; Capitalism; Making Money at Any Cost. The Politicians of all the Parties in Canada except one, say they Stand for this virtuous Canadian Value. 
     The Garden Party, Self Government Without Elections or Borders, (the Exception), apologizes for not having these particular virtuous Canadian Values, and, as of today, Valentine's Day, 2017,  to express love of Caribou has declared: Capitalism Is finished. Our virtuous sympathy to all who have too much, a cure is in sight, put on your seat belt , transition will be easier if you have a garden, Dig In.

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