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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Buying Farms, Cash.

     The Garden Party may be well spent, but is open to buying farms, with other people's money. Buying farm land to put under good stewardship, to develop self  sustaining, employment creating, environment friendly, organically foods, combined with nurseries,  education centres as well as some form of service that would best benefit the local community. All lands and farms will be loosely connected, but working on common goals, while, transitioning to a moneyless social structure, with a government of full Paticipatory Democracy, organically developed by each participant with their shovel, or a hammer, or a cooking pot, exercising fully their vote. 
     So, we have some excess funds, enough for operations, when we see farms available that would suit our purposes, and permission of cash is required, we will put the word out.
Each property will be documented, ideas presented, and a broad cast for funds will be made for what is required. 
     The Garden Party Minister of Biodiversity, is heading to the BC Interior Next Week, with a cooking pot and a few garden tools, on government work.
     Nettles are up, pick young tops and steam.
    Miners Lettuce, salad or soup.
   First Dandelion Flower, growing with Chickweed, excellent wild greens, flowers are edible, as is the root.

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