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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Speaking Engagements.

    The Garden Party Minister of Diversity welcomes all requests for a dialogue. Be it one person, or the world. We are ready for some good inspirational kick in the butt motivation, if the heart is right, right action will follow.
     The Garden Party Minister of Feeding People and Agriculture, has a grand idea, that can be of a Great Benefit for the flood of farm workers expected migrating from the US. This is a opportunity to fill up all those empty houses in shrinking little towns across the Prairies. Bringing little towns new life, with local small clean industries, boosting of local business, providing local food security, adding diversity and variety, the spice of life. Refugees will not be taking jobs, they will be making jobs, Now are you ready to go to work on a big dig in?
    Before you stick the shovel in the ground, what is the goal? Take care of the well being and immediate needs of the new arrivals. All newcomers with a feel for the soil, could be given the tools to exercise their passion. Local Food Production. Go ahead Canadians, organize your town, take in homeless refugees, in your own homes if necessary. Set up your local food supply, support the set up, and it will support you for generations. And this is where monoculture, mighty machines, soil poisoning agriculture is ending. We are learning from mistakes. Agriculture across the Praires is about to transform. The time of big changes by little bits, if you request dialogue, or need inspiration, or a lightening bolt, text The Minister of Diversity: 604 928 2663. BC to Manitoba. Have you shovels ready.
     Self Government of Canada Without Walls, at your service, laying the rejected brick.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Buying Farms, Cash.

     The Garden Party may be well spent, but is open to buying farms, with other people's money. Buying farm land to put under good stewardship, to develop self  sustaining, employment creating, environment friendly, organically foods, combined with nurseries,  education centres as well as some form of service that would best benefit the local community. All lands and farms will be loosely connected, but working on common goals, while, transitioning to a moneyless social structure, with a government of full Paticipatory Democracy, organically developed by each participant with their shovel, or a hammer, or a cooking pot, exercising fully their vote. 
     So, we have some excess funds, enough for operations, when we see farms available that would suit our purposes, and permission of cash is required, we will put the word out.
Each property will be documented, ideas presented, and a broad cast for funds will be made for what is required. 
     The Garden Party Minister of Biodiversity, is heading to the BC Interior Next Week, with a cooking pot and a few garden tools, on government work.
     Nettles are up, pick young tops and steam.
    Miners Lettuce, salad or soup.
   First Dandelion Flower, growing with Chickweed, excellent wild greens, flowers are edible, as is the root.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Judge Mint Day.

     The Final Daze, a world in turmoil, global warming, capitalism, rule of law, privileged few in control of governments, large police enforcement and military to preserve a social structure, that is failing to address what is quickly evolving into a social and environmental mess on a global scale.  
     Money, or lack of money is no longer an excuse for doing or not doing, money should have no say,. If labour is willing, and lots of people are looking for work, and Canada has all the resources it needs to address housing needs, and Canada has all the land it needs for sustainable food production with excess, and if that housing was taking people into renewal of rural development, why should any sensible people let money stand in the way. Money was designed as a tool or method of fair and honest exchange. Now money is used as a tool or control of the exchange. Labour can be bought, so can nails, hammers and lumber, land can be bought, money now is boss, without money, no labour, or nails, or land, or housing. We have all we need to do what should be done, but seem to think we need money. If people just took over the energy supplies, the mines and smelters, the forests and sawmills and did the job of supplying what the framer, fisher and  baker need to feed the miner, logger and carpenter, what for would we need money? To give most and best to those chosen few  who have the most money? To give those who decide what can be done, how much can be done, when it can be done, so it will be profital to them, and so they own and control the ore, the gas and the food, so they can maintain their position of power and control? The monitary systems are failing the present, the future is nothing but bleak to continue down the same path of monies permission. Everything is right here in Canada, to feed, shelter, and cloth everybody, as well as the skills and the knowledge to do it, and better than before with the advances in science and technology. The only obstactcle is money, a mere imagined value, a belief that money iis a value, a belief that is imprinted on emply minds from childhood so deeply, and so constantly reinforced that people think they cannot function without money. The truth is that they cannot function with money. It stands in the way of food, shelter, and clothing. The present path will only lead to more social breakdown and unrest. Power always protects its means of power, we see much suffering in the world today caused by people trying to get power or holding on to power they have, yet, people continue to stand up against power, soon people will shut down all money interests and dig in to start a whole new beginning, without stupid money. To make the changes that must be made requires majority involvement without money, money is finished, you shall be redeemed without money, and that is the truth, according to The Garden Party, Minister of Finance, Self Government of Canada Without Bankers, that just Nationalized/Globalized all Mines, Forests, Energy Suppies, Communications, Railways and other necessary Transporation Systems. All now goes under good stewardship. Spring is here, money not allowed in heaven, and we do not need it in The Garden of Earth, its place is in the compost. Plant a Garden, more important now than ever before, lots of hungry people in the world. 
     The Garden Party is now forming its Emergency Response Youth Core, Shovel Ready for any land available in British Columbia. 604 928 3663

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

No News Day.

      Nothing much going on, being World Do Nothing Day, traffic is down, only slaves going to work or to the soup kitchen. Most people may not think they are slaves, but there they are, on the road early every morning, all jammed up at every intersection trying to get to their forced labour tasks, all at the same time. They get released at the end of day so they can rush into another jam getting back to their particular barn, where they can lock themselves in for the night, no guards necessary, most cannot afford to leave their cells and even if they do, they still will be back in traffic trying to get to work the next day. 
     Should be obvious to them, slavery has been around long before the Roman Empire, the improvements made over the centuries for the taskmasters is noteworthy. Most of the slaves now have to provide and maintain their own cells, and without the cost of guards, has  improved the bottom line of increased profits, and extra slaves not needed can be left to fend for themselves, getting handouts off the working slaves. Those who use large numbers of slaves contribute the least, everything they claim to own is paid for and maintained as a tax write off. Clearcut slavery and theft, legalized.
      Since all claims of Property can be challenged, and nobody is getting away to the next world with a single grain of sand or a slave, it should clear that ownership is a dreamed up concept enforced by the rule of law, maintaining The Golden Rule, Those Who Have The Gold Make The Rules. 
    Well, the Self Government of Canada Without Borders, The Garden Party,  is changing the game, and is replacing The Golden Rule, with The Garden Rule, Those Who Take Care of Garden, Makes Their Own Rules. No Military Required, unless of course they are properly armed with shovels.

Monday, February 20, 2017

World Doing Nothing Day Feb 21st.

     Doing nothing, on mass, has some points worth investigating. Requires no effort for those not needing the exercise of marching, can shut down any government, gives time for overworked under paid employees to have a mental rest, which if spent in a garden, real value may still be gained. As there is a major difference between ; work under bosses where you have become just another commodity and have to do what is demanded and give up your own autonomy; and, the work that is a passion and self expression, and, to work at a pace and time that feels right for you. When what you are doing is your desire, and the result of your work is also under your control to direct its application.
     Since the Industrial Age working people spend on average 1/3 of their lives sleeping, 1/3 at work, getting to work etc. And that time spent at work, influences greatly what they do in the other 1/3, if they are lucky enough to have even a 1/3 of 'leisure' time, what most wage slave working people consider living. Often enough, there is very little satisfaction of that 'free living time', as other demands of life all have to fit into that free 'lesure' time.  For many, exhaustion of body and mind from work may mean energy levels are down and hours are spent watching mindless entertainment, or enjoying your favourite antidepressants. Which really means the only 1/3 of living that many working people do that express who they are, is while they are sleeping. If sleeping is messed up by their daily activities of work or habits, it would be hard to remain a happy camper for long.
      Now on the other hand, when a worker gets up at a hour of choice, goes to do desired work of passion, necessity or choice and decides at what, when, where, how much, and has no stress or pressure of money, work can be just another word for fofillment and pleasure, as most Gardeners feel even if they spend 14 hours at work every day,  they might say, life is a joy. Mushroom Pickers might say after a day in woods from sunrise to sunset, the same, many trades men and women might also put in long hours even without pay, but with purpose and personal control, and say life is good. However, most people would quit their slave jobs if they could find better, many just give up their natural expression, accept what they are doing, compare themselves to workers worse off, and life becomes a pattern of eat, sleep, work, vote every four years, complain, and die.  
     To break this redicilous non living routine, join in to World Do Nothing Day,Feb 21st. Gardening is okey, so are Garden Parties where people get together with friends and strangers to discuss direction to correction, and initiate action. Dig In.

Fossil Fuel Reduction Targets.

     We take it that Canadians have been hitting the target of 15% less toilet paper for the first two months of 2017. From observation of a Scientist Nature, some people could reduce their use of toilet paper 90% and have a clear conscience, which would end up as quite a saving of fossil fuels. It must be noted, loggers drive to work, logging trucks haul to pulp mills, pulp mill worker and slave organizers drive to work, shippers haul to wholesaler, then to retailers, all these people are driving, so are clerks, office workers, money changers that are employed all counting the profits of excess use of toilet paper. And that is not all, forest soil erosion, destroyed fish and game habitat, pot holes in roads from big trucks must be repaired, millions of tons of salt poured on roads to keep up the toilet paper supply during the winter, and yet there are many outhouses in Canada with nothing but a phone book. Overuse of Toilet Paper has reached epidemic proportions, and has to be rolled back, 15%, is not asking to much of all Canadians. Apply the same methodology to all things, 15% less, and we will easily meet our target of 15% Fossil Fuel Reduction for 2017, wiping out Gobal Warming one wipe at a time. 
     Just a reminder form The Garden Party Minister For More Unemployment, Feb 21st is World Buy Nothing Day, 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Tyranny Of Work.

     "We harbour no illusions about the ease with which people could take control of their work and their communities. Those who presently dominate the political economies of advanced capitalist nations fiercely and, if need be, violently resist encroachments on their power and privileges. Only when working people take up the struggle on a massive basis will the full development of our personal and social lives become
possible." J. W. Rinehart.
     We have to start somewhere, The Garden Party has started in the Garden, five more acres of farm land has come available this morning on Vancouver Island. Due to other commitments on the mainland right now, we will get back to check this new piece in a couple of weeks. We are confident that we have at least a location to move our present nursery, if the need arises. Another welcome little step of cooperation, and worker control of the community food supply. This concept of local, worker controlled food supply, is the foundation for full development of our personal and social lives. Dig In, March On, World Do Nothing Day, Capitalist Collapse Day, Drive Nothing Day, Holliday, Garden Party Day, Feb 21st, March 21st, April 21st, until the job is done, doing nothing can be very effective, especially if many do nothing, that certainly would be something. Don't miss this opportunity to do something.

US Management Fired.

    "There is, then, within workers' resistance a latent but nonetheless real possibility of more deliberate control demands, that under certain historical circumstances may transcend the usual boundaries of struggle, and provide a glimpse of a new order." 
     Is not this such a time, this latent desire of people to break free of the irksomeness of the present system of control? Who does not have a conscious desire for a new field of activity? Are not people challenging the powers that be? Are not people wanting control and standing up to management making their voices herd around the world? Is it not time for people to take that control of their lives from the one percent who are directing our governments for the purpose of profits? Are ninety nine percent nothing more than a commodity? 
     A Glimpse of a new order, that is what happening, even in the USA. Trump may soon find himself removed so smoothly, good move, but he is not the whole problem, the real power controling the US Government is still with the one percent, big property and big money. A clear glimpse of the New Order has No President Trump, No Big Money Government, no money at all, no workers for sale, full employment, 42% Gardeners.
     Do Nothing Day Feb 21st, World Spring Holiday, New World Order, Garden Parties Everywhere.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Garden Party World Press.

     New Assembled Treaty Oganization, NATO for short, was signed on the air waves today. This Oganization includes, Russia, USA, France, North Korea, China, UK, Pakistan, Isreal, and India. All Gardeners, and friends who eat, of all these countries, are to pick up their shovels, and Dig Nuclear Weapons Out of their own backyards simmillthniously. March, to those who claim to be your decision makers, with your shovels, if they do not comply, dig them out of office.
     That is a very simple, straightforward, and effective way to end the constant Nuclear Worry. Actions we are suggesting ; Doing Nothing, meaning Not going to work, Not buying anything, Marching with shovels is Okay, on a regular date, like the 21st of every month, and Starting this Feb 21st, no compromise, let's all dig out that problem, now and permanently, so we can focus on the work that needs addressing, like climate warming.
     The rest of the world can support The Gardeners and Friends that mobilize their dig in, by refusing to buy or sell any goods and services to and from Nuclear Armed Countries. Avoid travelling to them as well, Full Press, what one can do, First Day, Feb 21st, 2017. Dig Out Nuclear Arms.
     Pass it on mail. 
   Fresh Garden Greens.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Buy Nothing Day, USA.

     Buy Nothing, Do Nothing Day, USA,  Mexico, Canada, Feb16th, this is in support of immigrants who are getting rounded up to be deported in the US.. The Garden Party of Canada is calling for an international holiday to show support. Shut down everything, gardening and emergency response exempt.
     March On Refugees, March on Scientists, March on Caretakers, March in Feb, March in March, March in June, on your streets, on your highways, on your slavemasters, they can do nothing without you. And plant a garden.
     Feb 21st is Official World Buy Nothing Day, don't miss the savings.

If Not Now, When?

     Trade deals? Why not just open all the borders. What does this trade deal of Canada with the Europeen Union mean, more ships to haul cheese from Europe to Canada, and ships to haul cheese to Europe from Canada? Yes, that will grow the waste transportation economy, consume more resources and add more green house gases. Trade and exchange is fine for what is necessary, but if it is just going to fulfill everybody's wants, we may give life to capitalism for a few years, but efficiency, the enemy of capitalism, is what the world needs. To continue to grow economies is the opposite of what must be embraced, 
     What people could do now, is prepare for the transition, a new social functioning framework. The new framework without money, just like a family, no need for money or exchange of tokens. Extend the family. Very efficient. Needs can be covered much easier and better, it needs no borders or Trade Deals, all are family. Not that some members might need upgrading, some habits are hard to change, but change they will, make it, no time like now, dig in, develop the Framework, work with those in your circle, New World Order, without Money. Shrinking The (money) Economy, Graden Party Policy. Goal; Freedom From Money.

Occupation Apple Tree: Canada's first Democratic Party.

Occupation Apple Tree: Canada's first Democratic Party.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

To Sell or Not to Sell.

     Should not the question be to the Purchaser "why do you want it?" Why do you want these diamond rocks from Northern Canada that getting them is destruction of flora and fauna? Why do want this paper for that we should build roads into caribou range to get the trees? Is it for paper flyers, lottery tickets, valentine cards, how virtuous is that? Why do you want oil and gas that we put pipelines and roads in the path of elk and moose?  Is all this to drive your car around delivering Valentine Cards, buying lottery tickets and to show off your diamonds? For none of these things should we supply any purchaser. The real cost far far outweighs the benefit of any amount of money, No Sale. 
     Every extracted resource, every manufactured item, every imported or exported item, every recycled or dumped item, is a cost to the environment. A Book of matches or Mighty Machines, all real costs to our natural environment. To use resources for those purposes is a disrespect of caribou, common sence, and all of Nature.
     Consider for a moment, if capitalism did not exsist, do you think all those people slaving up in Northern Canada at the jobs cutting trees, hauling millions of tons of dirt to extract ores and diamonds, or dirty oil, and produce items to fill up dumps, do you think they would do all this to past their lives away for foolishness, waste and garbage? We think not. But because the world is locked in a Capital System, people do all this work to make money to pay for the cost of making a living, and, trying to keep growing the 'economy' which is the opposite of the real meaning of economy.
     So, a big transition must take place, capitalism is impossible. Most of the work done today is wasted work, consumming limited resources, under a Social Framework completely controled by Capitalism. It is failing everywhere, you might even say it has failed all, now that is gone, Capitalism Is Over, Declared Offishery, Feb 14, 2017, by The Garden Party, Self Government Without Elections or Borders. Welcome to the shade,full employment immediately, now I ask you 'why do you want these trees cut down'?

Canadian Values.

      What are Canadian values? Canadians value Garbage Dumps, and can take pride in how fast they can fill them up with political election signs. Canadians love locks on doors, to protect from theft all the junk they have purchased to keep filling up Garbage Dumps. Canadians value choices in politics as long as there are not more than two mobs to choose from. Canadians value Nature, this is evident by how much they are ripping and stripping nature to build things to take home and lock up in their houses to throw in the Garbage dump later. Canadians love nature so much they drive all kinds of specialized gas machines over nature summer and winter,  looking for nature. Debt, that is a main Canadian Value. Ask em, Debt is a human right and virtue some how.  Banks in Canada, bless them, for being so virtuous like, passing out credit cards like chocolate cake to every kid that of legal age to sign up to a contract, and haul into court if they stop paying, telling everybody that their credit rating was a necessity of life. Get em in debt young, and keep em there to the grave, getting a pound of flesh from em their whole life, while they are driving over nature with their two cars and one truck, motor home, six trailers, motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, and motor boat. Very virtuous love of nature, working 52 weeks a year to pay off all those free credit cards from Banks. Banks are known in most circles as Oganized Crime, with their own Politicians to legalize their Crime. 
     Canadian Values; Capitalism; Making Money at Any Cost. The Politicians of all the Parties in Canada except one, say they Stand for this virtuous Canadian Value. 
     The Garden Party, Self Government Without Elections or Borders, (the Exception), apologizes for not having these particular virtuous Canadian Values, and, as of today, Valentine's Day, 2017,  to express love of Caribou has declared: Capitalism Is finished. Our virtuous sympathy to all who have too much, a cure is in sight, put on your seat belt , transition will be easier if you have a garden, Dig In.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Canada US New Trade Deal.

     The Garden Party, Self Government Without Borders will trade two Canadian Politicians for every refugee Thumper is evicting from the USA, that is called a Fair Trade Agreement, both countries get rid of persons considered dangerous to national security. However, statistics show cows sitting on farmers are more dangerous than refugees, and Canadian Politians more dangerous than Cows. We believe this is a good deal for Canada, and after a emergency sitting, in our House of Common Use, and all necessary paperwork done, we are ready to ship out all the politicians presently sitting, followed by those that are lined up and can't wait to replace themselves on the throne. What do you say Donald, you are a business guy, two for one, good deal, America First?

Open Canada US Border.

     Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta borders with the USA need to be opened for refugees coming north to get away from Trump. There are plenty of empty farm houses and boarded up businesses in small towns across the prairies to fill up with needed agricultural workers. We have to change agriculture practises in Canada and no better time or opportunity than now. Welcome all that come and see to their immediate needs, just like you would do for your relatives, yes, take them home and make them feel like they have at last arrived home.
    Now, we are going to have to organize a few things, like making farm land available to do the new way that agriculture is going to be practiced in Canada, not the monoculture, herbicides, pesticides, soil eroding, unsustainable practices, wiping out all diversity that are what we call farming that is practised at present with mighty machines. 
     The Garden Party Self Government of Canada Without Borders is preparing to put all resources on hand into Project Common Sence, and makes this transparent request for a One Billion Dollar Nonrepayable Loan for R and D, research and development, just like Bombardier, from the Public Purse, to be paid back in carrots, Saskatoon Berries and Sustainable Life. Nothing fancy but more desirable than fighter jets, bombs, and hopelessness. 
     So, open the borders and make sure all the new guests are comfortable while the snow is melting, and make necessary preparations. If there are any logistics of insurmountable proportions, the Garden Party Emergency Responcesibiility Team will be ready to respond with a billon dollars and shovels, or at least, a few pension checks and shovels, as the deal for the Billion may not materialize, due to not making contributions out of the public purse to the federal liberal party coffers for fifty years like Bombardier. No matter, the new social framework of cooperation is beyond the control of the misery caused by money. Big changes are coming, one shovel of determination at a time. Dig In.

Friday, February 10, 2017

The End of Capitalism.

The Social framework, at present functioning under Capitalism, can be likened to a man with a thousand cuts but still alive. Capitalism has no salvation, has been patched up and altered from crash to crash, it is now so out of the control, even the best minds that money can buy sitting in towers reaching for heaven, can only do a temporary fix for a economic crash, and every fix made, ends up three more problems in some other part of the ever growing mumbo jumbo numbers of debts and assets. An economic system, one without an inkling of mathematical integrity. The Capital System is already broken down for most of the population, and it has broken down environmental stability on this planet, yet by its dying gasps for survival, Capitalism can only demand more on the poor environment, to feed itself to the bitter end and complete break down, for even those who have it all. Inevitable, not all at once, just ten thousand little cuts or failures, here and there around world every day. 
     That is why The Garden Party is in the process now of replacing Capitalism as the grease of our Social Framework. The Garden Party has developed an operational social method, or framework  that requires no money at all, and functions with far greater efficientcy, full employment, and never the stress of money requirements. We are ready for the complete retirement of Capitalism, but are you? Grow a Garden, the snow is melting, and so is Capitalism. 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Pot and Herbicides.

    Somewhere in Canada, herbicides were discovered in pot sold for medical purposes. The discovery, due to a sick person using pot for pain, or pleasure?, developed a bunch of serious other medical problems. After investigations, into why pot was making the person sick, it was discovered that is was not the pot that was the cause, but the herbicides that came with the pot that the person was using. The Canadian Elected Government now wants laws requiring all pot be tested for herbicides before it can be sold. 
     It only stands to reason even to a pot head, who's reasoning ability might be a little foggy, that if people are getting sick from eating pot cookies laced unintentionally with herbicides, people must also be getting sick from food grown with the use of herbicides. From this lofty position of finger pointing and accusation, we can also presume pesticides used on crops to feed man or beast, are also making people sick. Much of today's common ailments were quite uncommon when herbicides and pesticides were also uncommon, during the1950's, 60's and even 70's. Why are Elected Government's not testing all corporate farm products for Herbicides? Of course The Garden Party Minister of Healthy Food, has always declared, Food enhanced and flavoured with Herbicides and Pesticides as unfit to eat, and, as it turns out, unfit to ingest by way of smoking as well. The Minister, is calling for all people, to quite poisening themselves, and at the same regular heart beat, bankrupt Monoculture Corporate Farms, that are the biggest polluters of air, ground and water in North America. Get Local Food Production Going, Dig In, grow your own, food and pain killers. Pain killers, even such as organic pot, cannot match the healing powers of even the act of Growing a Garden. Heal thy self, Grow a Garden.