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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Stop Buying, New World Order.

     Getting rid of money, that is a goal of The Minister of Finance for The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders, there is just one country  in the whole world now, call it what you like or call it nothing at all, it is what it is, each country it's has own prison walls. 
     In this part of the world, N.A., millions of people spend their lives seeking out money, paying that money to others seeking out money, and around we go. A few dedicated seekers skim off most of the money, but those few, other wise do nothing more than spend, to enable, by trickle down economics, the middle class to organize and enforce a monetary system of human slavery, so dedicated Seekers of Holy Money are able to maintain their excessive intake, and continue their trickle down blessings by means of spending. Sharing a little more grease when the public wheel squeaks too loudly, and temperatures get hot. A fixed numbers racket. 
     There is another way to go, without money, and, that is what people are developing who have no money, or have a little money and are finding more ways of eliminating the need for money. For example, The Garden Party has not spent one penny on Berries, Greens, Potatoes, Apples, Grapes, Tomatoes, Pot, Socks, Pesticides, Nuclear Weapons, Drones, Barbie Dolls, Foot Ball Games, Lottery Tickets, Insurence Companies, Lawyers, Bat Man Costumes, Tattoos, Golf Clubs, unusable Radar Refits on old War Ships, Political Contributions, and Parking Tickets, in the past four years, in all, a savings of hundreds tons of fossil fuels, sweat, millions of trees, etc etc. The Garden Party has successful decreased the value of money to half in Canada in the past four years. We hope to decrease money value to nothing in the next four years, that may be a tall order for Seekers of Money, but that is the way it will be with the upcoming shovel ready 'disruptive generation'. The Garden Party Minister of Finance, can be relied on for full co operation of any disruptive action that will get rid of money and bear good fruit, we have again this year, four hundred free grape vines to give away, and a variety of other plants. Text Louis at 604 928 3663.  
     Snow is gone now. Some Planting and Fruit Tree pruning this week in Victoria BC, need exercise?

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