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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Standing Rock and Trump

    Will this be the spot, where American people make their first stomp and tell their government what the people want from their elected government? After all, elected politicians are there to serve the people, are they not?  Newly Crowned Trump may attempt to stomp on Standing Rock, perhaps another bigger stomp to the White House will let Mr Trump know, he has met his Standing Rock, The People! Now, his job is to serve the people's will, or resign.
     Unfortunately it has gotten to this, walls are going up, people are being rounded up to deport, travelling bans are expanding,  pipe lines are going in, global warming means nothing, plan another march, make it a stomp, everybody back to Washington DC, and bring at least one more Stomper, this is the last resort left, and not a bad one, march down your street, march on City Hall, march on the Court House in support of journalists, and free press. Trump's first victims, march on the White House.  Take a shovel and give it to Trump, so he can get grounded. March in Canada too, and don't forget your shovel. You can also use the handle to hang a sign if so inclined.
    This is a Suggestion From The Garden Party International, New World Disorder.

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