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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Shut Down All Airlines.

     New World Order, the People Will Decide, Yea or Nay. Not some Demigod who calls himself President, trying to take the world back to the Stone Age. Does not The USA have a Nut for President, and a bunch of nuts that like him? Will they support him? To what extent? Is he not at least attempting to take over control of Internal Security in the US. How much power will he get? New Judges. 
     New World Order: Put a wall up and do not Allow Trump in your Country. Make sure your own Government leaders get the message, No To Trump.
     Message posted by Louis Lesosky, who likes Gardening more that Marching, but, if there is a weed that needs pulling before it spreads its foul seed, it is Trump. Assad of Syria got rooted,   look at what is happening in Turkey. How about Russia. Trump has got to go, or refugees and citizens will be flooding into Canada before the snow melts. Canadians should be preparing their mostly empty homes and cottages to Accommodate all who come, and prepare to have gardens, food production is expected drop down south.


  1. unfortunate-- The people are maintaining the little of what is left because they do not have the strength or the understanding to move in a different direction. Fortunately i do not need them.

  2. This is all just more delay on what really has to happen.