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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Real Gift or Garbage.

     Xmas is over, Dumps are overflowing, nice gift for the grand kids. Dumping all the junk on deceived kids, by deceived adults claiming to be adults, making sure every poor kid has a pile of new junk, as a expression of devotion. Just how long is this insanity going to continue? 
     Complaining about Trump, okay, but shipping millons of tons of Junk and Cloths to North America Every Xmas, then throwing equal amounts of junk and cloths, not half worn, into Garbage Dumps to clear the way for the new stuff, this is not sustainable. Xmas is not sustainable, as a matter of fact, it is quite toxic, when you take a close look at it. The Truth is, maintaining this commercial driven Xmas Junk Producion is killing plenty. Junk Production for Celebrations in Canada are spreading to every occasion, Valentines Day, Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, anything, and that is just for one religion. The Junk Pushers are hard at work, watch the train loads of Junk already travelling on the tracks to supply junk for Garbage Spewing Canadians across the country, for celebrating 150 years of Political Skulduggery. And it hasn't even stopped. What have Canadians got to celebrate? The Buffalo are gone, so has 3/4 of the top soil across the prairies,, most of the fish are gone and we are killing off the rest, and where are all the big old trees gone? For boxes, and gift wrapping, everyone, or maybe Canadians are celebrating homelessness, or the thousands of suicides, every year increasing. Disposable people, What's to celebrate?
    Or, Well, Maybe, Just Maybe, Canadians are going to leave a Real Gift, after 150 years making a mess, maybe, this is the year of all years, and maybe, all Canadians Will Stop Buying Junk That Should Never Have Been Made! and wrapping up that junk with Trees that should of never been cut! Stopping the Waste, that would be a Real Gift.(think of the savings) That would call for a celebration, and we could start and Stop Right Now. How about a Garden Party, everybody invited, dates and places to be announced. This is 2017, Spread The Manure, and Dig In!

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