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Thursday, January 5, 2017

RCMP Manufactured Terrorists.

    The RCMP want a Peace bond, or some like thing, placed on the the two people acused of terrorism that were aquitted in Victoria BC. The terrorist act was a set up by 140 or was it 240 RCMP. The judge in court said the RCMP manufactured the two terrorists and the whole plot to bomb the BC Legislature in Victoria, then charged the people they set up. The Manufactured Terrorists were released, and now the RCMP want to monitor the movements of the acquitted as they may now be dangerous to the public. 
      What are these 'Terrorist Police', doing? How do they justify their jobs if there are no terrorists? Manufacture terrorists, that's how. Know this, the RCMP are very good doing what they are trained to do.  In training the RCMP are manufactured all the same.  And since they in turn manufactured these two terrorists in Canada, and did such a good job, as the RCMP always does, they are now claiming those two people they manufactured into terrorists, are now so dangerous that they need to be watched. But we have 140 or 240 RCMP on the loose, who were involve in manufacturing those two into potential Terrorists in Canada. Who is watching the manufacturers? What else are they Manufacturing? Do those RCMP still have their jobs? What they did is treason, homegrown made by the RCMP terrorism!  Who ever is in charge of this Terrorist Making Organization should be charged, and fired. We have enough Social Problems without the police manufacturing more. The old saying, "the more police we get, the more crime we get," holds well in this case, so would saying "the more police we get, the more terroristism we get". 
     We suggest issuing 240 shovels to The RCMP, and a dozen more sent up to the bosses. We also suggest keeping a close eye on all Police Forces. Power corrupts, it is the nature of the beast, no surprise here. 252 former RCMP with shovels, that would be a surprise, a pleasant surprise, make my day. 240 officers growing gardens instead of growing terrorists, that would be something else. Of course, with some extra training, the RCMP  might be excellent Gardeners. Maybe the RCMP could even join The Garden Party,  instead of just watching, infiltrate, we could use some extra muscle.

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