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Friday, January 27, 2017

Prisons In Canada.

     The Garden Party, With No Membership List and Without Borders Is calling for Gardeners to March on Prisons across Canada, and introduce prisoners to the art of growing food. We are sure you can see enough benefits in this action without mentioning them, especially so if you are a Gardener, or a Prisoner.
     Well, we are working on the Bigger Picture Garden, and there is nothing like a captive audience that has no where else to go but down. When the leaves come out to greet the sun, and the flowers bloom, prisoners there will be no more. Prisons in Canada at present, are not bettering those who are sent there for punishment, and therefor worsening our collective social condition. Nip things in the bud, it won't be a branch to cut, pull out the weed before it goes to seed, a stitch in time saves nine etc etc.  Tool Fixing for Gardeners, seed banks, nurseries, all kinds of skills training could go on in captivating prisons, teachers would graduate and carry on the good work. If you are going to dream, dream big, in color, and do it also. The Garden Party is offering to go to Jail, if necessary to get the job done.
     New World Order: All Prisons start Gardens. To start, we have extra tools and lots to fix, and would be glad to see them being used for more than digging tunnels. 

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