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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Overdose Crisis, Canada.

     The Elected Federal Government of Canada, claims they are using every tool they have to solve the Overdoze Crisis. Well, there is on tool they have not used, that is their brain, unless of course they lack this handy tool. If the Federal Government real cared, they Could start up temporary detox centres in a week, instead of buying fighter jets, if the BC Government really cared, they Could have drugs that are safe provided by pharmacies for addicts in a week, instead of pouring billions of public dollars into building Site C Dam for their Corporate Friends. Governments Could provide funds for temporary safe injection sites, and have them saving lives in a week, the Elected Governments Could ask addicts and ex addicts who know what to do, who do care, have a Brain, and are willing. Most of these overdose deaths, 912 in BC alone in 2016, are preventable. 
     Governments take people's votes, they take on the responsibility to do everything, they collect the taxes, drive people nuts and dump them on the street, isn't it sad Governments don't have the right tools, a heart or a brain. They are Fired.
     This message is from The Garden Party's Minister For More Unemployment, Shovels will be issued to all Elected Governments in Canada, and we have plenty of tools waiting to be used. Dig up the Parliament Grounds in Ottawa, and the Ledgislature Lawns in Victoria and Grow Gardens, might as well put them to some good use. Planted more Garlic in Pots, will be planting Seedless Grape Cuttings Today, Saanich BC, 604 928 3663, Louis.

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