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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Not A Mouthpiece For Somebody.

     I have been asked to be interviewed by David Shebib, Globle News, a live show on the web. It will be David's first attempt in this format, and I wish him success, it is a project in development. We know there will be few who view this broadcast live, but, it has to start somewhere. And here is, Jan 2017.
     My Name is Louis Lesosky, Founder of The Garden Party, the Self Government of Canada Without Borders, and I am the Operator of Occupation Apple Tree, and it's branches, with many buds, multiple projects and services.
     A blog,, a telephone 604-928-3663, and shovel to shovel telepathy, are my comumication links at the moment.
     Priorities: Local Food Production; open borders; establishing functioning Participatory Government of The People; taking money out of the decision making process; shutting the doors on the weapons manufactures. These are the constants of The Garden Party, according to my vote, my stands, views, and actions, which can be read on Four Years of Past Blogs. These past blogs will show the evolution to where things are now, for anyone interested. 
     It's the New World Order, and we are it, what decisions are you making, may I ask? Who knows better than the Gardener? The Banker? or The Lawyer? The Accountant? The Career Politician? If you want Green, go with the Gardener every time. Those occupations; banker, lawyer, numbers Jugglers, etc do not exsist in The Garden Party, and will soon be history as the world goes into a new turn. No doubt it will be a bumpiest for those in high places during this transitions, so stay well grounded and start a Garden. 
     If you have questions, I will do my best answer. 

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