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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

March or Stomp?

     This is the only action that can get a reaction today. Mass marches, like the Women March telling Trump not to go back to the Stone Age. Well, he ignored the Women's March. March Again, everybody who marched bring somebody, and make your demands clear. It has to happen soon, going through the corrupting political process just sucks up everybodies energy. How about a General Strike for One Day, to show Governments the strength of a United People, How about a March on Washington and a General Strike the same day. How about Tuesday FEB 21? Organizers, Go to work. No to Walls, No to pipelines, No to Site C Dam, No to arms exports, No to Corporate Governments, No to Log Exports, No to Farmed Salmon, No to Monsanto, No to  Herbicides, No to Pesticides, what are we doing here people? What are we doing right? Our monitary systems are a scam. Education systems deserve an F. The food we are eating is making everybody sick. Agriculture methods a disaster. Antibiotics and Steroids in every piece of meat and fish. The environment taking a s...  kicking from the Gas and Oil Industries, from the Gold and Diamond Industries, from the Chemical Industries, from the Transport Industries, Depressed Yet? There is more. People are taking a s... kicking from Dentists, from Police, from Drug Industries, prisons are increase crime, journalists are getting locked up, everything manufactured is junk never worth fixing, perfectly good houses are crunched up and dumped, toxic garbage dumps are spreading across the land, clearcutting has become the only forest practice, monoculture is biggest killer of Diversity, we are doomed if we continue to let money run our world. We have to put on our marching boots and pick up shovels folks, how about a General Strike on the 21st of Feb, 21st of March, 21 of June, and help each other to do it right and keep on marching and stomping as long as it is necessary. 
     A clear message from The Garden Party, making Gardens Great Again. Dig In the USA, Russia, Canada, and wherever this message reachs, we are all one, the Big March has started.

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