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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Lots of Little Strikes.

    The Garden Party has little distinct differences from all other Politcal Parties in Canada. There are no elections, no membership registrations, there is no central authority, the closest we got to Parliament Buildings,  where the paperwork gets done, is a Outhouse. Here, decisions of action or non-action are made individually, sometimes in groups, big and small. This Government is Democracy by Direct Participation, each voter is alive and in a constant state of exercising their vote, and can redirect their vote, as to their desire in a moment. It is never lost or given away. Not in our new and improved  Participatory Democracy in Canada called The Garden Party, which is completely out of Control, of the Elected Fraud Corporate Governments of Canada. The good news is, there is nothing Organized Crime can do to stop more people are becoming the New Government in Canada. Fully participating members of the Garden Party are never unemployed, there is more work to undo than you can shake a stick at as the world goes through a transition. And how it must. No longer does the individual need feel powerless with their one vote, when with that one vote, they can cast whole governments into the waste basket of history, and write a new chapter of the evolution of humankind. Hand in hand, through the ruins, over the soil eroded plains, across the dead waters inhaling toxic air, there is hope yet, the promise land is at hand. It surrounds us to our toes and heels, carry on pilgrims, there is no gain in giving up. Plant a Garden, much more value than peas and carrots will grow from that action.
     CANADA FEEDS CANADA IN FIVE YEARS. Imports are a luxury, not a staple. Keep that in mind when you are shopping. Consider the energy used in transport, ships, planes, trucks, and trains, refrigeration and globle warming, corporate farms and soil degradation, these are just a few of the real costs it takes to satisfy programmed desires. New program, LOCAL IS BETTER, no matter which way you cut it, and better is what is expected of us all. Nothing more than your best, starting now. And now. And when the Snow Melts, plant your best and most enjoyable garden. This has been a message from The Garden Party Minister of Propagation. 

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