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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Judgement Day News.

    The Genie has come out of the bottle, now let us get started on the Tranformation, because we can, as we just saw by the Women's March sending a message to Trump. Time to get to work collectively, and Be Government. And keep marching when necessary, and carry on. 
     The entire money system is a sham. When new money is created it becomes an asset for banks, to lend out, with interest, if the loan is paid back, the banks now own the money loaned, plus interest. Nice profit. Legal. Bank Owners must be happy, the Cracker Jack CEO's get a nice chunk of those profits, one big happy family. What are we to do about that? Invent another corruptible money system? How about dumping the whole idea that we need a money system? That is what the Garden Party is Practising, avoiding the use of money. Our labour is free, we use money to get things we can not provide ourselves, we are quite good at making what we get go a long distance. Our Goal is to function without Money. Money loses it's power, when we don't need it to function. And We Already Know How To Do Everything Without Money. We do not need Money's Permission to go to some needed work, personal or for the greater community. 
     If there is no value placed on money, if money has no power, people who have money, lose their power. It's like Judgement Day, Yea shall be redeemed without money. So it's Judgement Day, and who are we going to work for today?

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