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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Go On Stike, Canada.

     Here we are, our Minister For More Unemployment, Busybody, is committing and admiting crime. According to Canada's New Terrorist Laws, the Minister could be detained for underming not only Canada's Growth Based Economy, but the very stability of the Corporate Run Fraud Elected Government of Canada. The Government that passes the laws, and hires the police to enforce those laws, laws against rocking the boat and poking holes in rotten hulls, Busybody's second favorite occupation. If Busybody disappears, it might not mean that he got lost in the corn patch. We have a Special Police in Canada that can hold in detention, A Busybody, for entertainment purposes, or just to look busy saving Canada. Everybody with a government job is required to look busy, especially when in view of those others who do not have government jobs, but can see them. When nobody is watching, there are a million ways of doing nothing, and there are no better examples of those skills than can be found in Government Buildings everywhere. South Korea, British Columbia, Wells BC, Ukraine, The Rest of Canada, too many places to mention where you can watch superb acts of killing time, eating up resources, while convincing themselves and Kindergarden students that their government jobs are indispensable. They should be good, 150 years of practice.
     The Garden Party Minister For Unemployment, Busybody, cannot stand to watch so many people working so hard day after day, week after week, year after year, killing time. The Garden Party Self Government of Canada agrees and has proposed a new policy for all civil servants, if you got nothing useful to do at work, go home and stay home, plant a Garden, even if you keep collecting your checks, it would drain less from the public purse if you just stayed home. Those who are actually useful civil servants, they can go back to work. One in sixteen, maybe. For the rest, try a shovel to lean on, who knows, miracles can happen. 

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