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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Fossil Fuel Reduction Goals, 2017.

     15% per year, start today, 15% reduction in the amount of tolet paper for those that use it. Meditate on tolet paper, the reduction of 15% use of tolet paper means a reduction of 15% of forests being cut down so you can wipe your butt, 15% less logging trucks and Forest soil erosion because of tolet paper cutbacks, that means 15 percent cent less logging trucks, chain saws, and pulp mills needed for your clean butt. Of course this will be a savings on road repairs, as big logging trucks, and big delivery rigs are the main cause of highways damage. This would also lower the use of asphalt needed on highway repairs, as well as lowering the use of fuel, tires, mining of ore to build trucks, truck drivers with back problems, all that work and energy done just to wipe butts. 
     Join the 15% Reducton Club, The People who are concerned about saving their butts, so future generations will have an opportunity to use theirs.
     Of course the Elected Prime Minister of Canada would like us to grow the money economy and use a whole tree every day to wipe our butts, as a job creation strategy, but that would not be economical. That is all we have to say on this subject, and repeating it should not be necessary. 
     New World Order; 2017,Reduce Tolet Paper Use, 15%, and Save The World, every vote may not count, but every butt does, include yours and be part of the biggest movement the world has ever known. 

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