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Monday, January 23, 2017

Critical Mass, 15% Off.

     So how many people have reduced their waste by 15%. We have to reduce everything by at least 15% every year, global warming is catching up on us, if we are too slow, global warming will soon be reducing us by 15% a year. 
     So get with the program, grow 15% of your groceries, this year. You don't expect the Chilean Farmers to keep feeding you, when they are having droughts and forest fires, do you? NAFTA is in the compost.  And how are we going to bankrupt Walmart and Monsanto's Toxic Foods if we support their crime and buy their not fit to eat food? No, we don't all have to grow food, but to do it right, to be gentle on the land, we need more people in agriculture, and no more Mighty Machines and Monoculture. Gardening is a most beauiful occupation. But not when every gardener has to feed 1600 busy bodies who do little but put obstacles in your way. You need Mighty Machines to feed that bunch li-ons, Drag-ons, and Cling-ons. At any rate we are not going to garden that way, we are joyfully getting shovels ready for a lot of soon to be unemployed busy bodies. All work, should be, and can be a joy.  
     15% less this year, it is do able, so do it, thank you from the future. 

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