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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Corporate Foods Composted.

     Corperations have already gobbled up most of the world supply of food sources. As usual, it seems, big business such as Monsanto and Bayer, see only money and not real costs. There is no better way to kill off nature's diversity than with herbicides, pesticides, and monoculture. Free trade agreements give Big Business an open door to bust small farming operations around the world, buying up or stealing (pretty much the same thing) agricultural land in every country that they get their greedy fingers into.
     Do we have a special deal for you all you cling-on high rolling agricultural green giants. You have bought hot goods, those hot ownership papers were sold by the biggest scam artist mankind ever dreamed up, selling what was never for sale. When dealing with such characters as that, well, you have hanging around with the wrong crowd. Mind you, sharing has it good points, no point in complaining about losing something that didn't really own, if it will make you feel any better, look at it this way, now you can say you own the whole planet, so grab a shovel, leave the herbicides and pesticides behind, there are people to feed, Diversity is the Ideal.

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