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Monday, January 9, 2017

Cancel NAFTA With USA.

      Russia messed around with the USA election, but the biggest arms dealer the world has ever known, the USA, has been messing up dozens upon dozens of countries since the last World War. 
      Trump wants to fix NAFTA, no problem for the Garden Party Self Government of Canada Without Borders that has already cancelled the North American Free Trade Agreement. We know who benefits from free trade agreements, big international corporations. The Agreements are designed by corporations to put in Law, rights of those corporations over National Governments, governments are slowly being privitized.
     The Garden Party of Canada is building a wall and Trump is going to pay for it. And if Trump wants to fix NATO, no problem, we have cancelled that too. We are also exercising full sanctions against the world's biggest exporters of weapons, USA is the biggest. Canadian Warmongers export sales are rapidly  growing. Hippoccracy is also on the rise in Canada. Talking Peace, Profiting From War. 

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