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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Canada Gives 1.5B To Dirty Oil

     $1.5B. The tip of the iceberg out of the Public Purse to create a Federal Government West Coast Oil Spill Response Infrastructure, on behalf of Corporate Oil. That is really a direct subsidy when it should be a cost of business and put on the profits made from the product. Accept the fact, oil spills will continue to happen, Alberta Dirty Oil and BC Natural Gas are not needed on the world market, so leave them in the Ground and meet our targets reducing the use of fossil fuels. That's where the 1.5 Billion Bucks should be spent. 
     Why are the people paying for Costs of Business for Corperation? Why ? Because our governments are working for the Corperations, their tax deductible donations paid for their seats. That Why. 
      March against Theft, and Plant a Garden.

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