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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Better Days Ahead.

Should be a world happening, no problem too big, no problem too small, we can work on them all. If you can't do it without money, it is probable that it is not worth doing. If it is worth doing, a Will, will get it done. So let's get together and get it done, or undone, which is mostly the case. Shout it from the Roof Tops as well as Face Book, why wait for Spring, Spring Into Action, in both hemispheres. Stay Grounded.
     We have lots grape plants and cuttings, same with Raspberries, Goose berry and fig cuttings, strawberry plants, bean and pea seed, some fruit tree root stock, Apple Plum Apricot, horse radish, rhubarb, parsley, chards and kales, watercress, this and that, hoses, garden tools, a brain or two, flowers and Dandelions, miners lettuce, chickweed, and garlic. That should be enough for a start to a garden, the rest is all Joy. 
     Planting Fig Cuttings Tomorrow, rain or shine.

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