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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Two New Buds, and Great Walls.

     One Idea being developed is, continuous self organizing groups of people moving about working on a variety of Agricultural projects. 
     Another Idea; is to help any groups to develop Gardening Projects. Present the need, or the obstacles, perhaps we can be of assistance. Perhaps one person needs a little help, we are also ready to look at any size of farm. 
     There are a lot of people are looking to work, there are a lot of people working at jobs that we would be better off if they didn't get done. We are likely to see agricultural  migrants coming from USA if Trump stays President and gets his way. The United States could very well start coming apart. 
     The Garden Party of Canada Without Borders is now claiming Washington Oregon, and California under Self Government, with an open border to Mexico.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Shut Down All Airlines.

     New World Order, the People Will Decide, Yea or Nay. Not some Demigod who calls himself President, trying to take the world back to the Stone Age. Does not The USA have a Nut for President, and a bunch of nuts that like him? Will they support him? To what extent? Is he not at least attempting to take over control of Internal Security in the US. How much power will he get? New Judges. 
     New World Order: Put a wall up and do not Allow Trump in your Country. Make sure your own Government leaders get the message, No To Trump.
     Message posted by Louis Lesosky, who likes Gardening more that Marching, but, if there is a weed that needs pulling before it spreads its foul seed, it is Trump. Assad of Syria got rooted,   look at what is happening in Turkey. How about Russia. Trump has got to go, or refugees and citizens will be flooding into Canada before the snow melts. Canadians should be preparing their mostly empty homes and cottages to Accommodate all who come, and prepare to have gardens, food production is expected drop down south.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Prisons In Canada.

     The Garden Party, With No Membership List and Without Borders Is calling for Gardeners to March on Prisons across Canada, and introduce prisoners to the art of growing food. We are sure you can see enough benefits in this action without mentioning them, especially so if you are a Gardener, or a Prisoner.
     Well, we are working on the Bigger Picture Garden, and there is nothing like a captive audience that has no where else to go but down. When the leaves come out to greet the sun, and the flowers bloom, prisoners there will be no more. Prisons in Canada at present, are not bettering those who are sent there for punishment, and therefor worsening our collective social condition. Nip things in the bud, it won't be a branch to cut, pull out the weed before it goes to seed, a stitch in time saves nine etc etc.  Tool Fixing for Gardeners, seed banks, nurseries, all kinds of skills training could go on in captivating prisons, teachers would graduate and carry on the good work. If you are going to dream, dream big, in color, and do it also. The Garden Party is offering to go to Jail, if necessary to get the job done.
     New World Order: All Prisons start Gardens. To start, we have extra tools and lots to fix, and would be glad to see them being used for more than digging tunnels. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Canada Gives 1.5B To Dirty Oil

     $1.5B. The tip of the iceberg out of the Public Purse to create a Federal Government West Coast Oil Spill Response Infrastructure, on behalf of Corporate Oil. That is really a direct subsidy when it should be a cost of business and put on the profits made from the product. Accept the fact, oil spills will continue to happen, Alberta Dirty Oil and BC Natural Gas are not needed on the world market, so leave them in the Ground and meet our targets reducing the use of fossil fuels. That's where the 1.5 Billion Bucks should be spent. 
     Why are the people paying for Costs of Business for Corperation? Why ? Because our governments are working for the Corperations, their tax deductible donations paid for their seats. That Why. 
      March against Theft, and Plant a Garden.

March or Stomp?

     This is the only action that can get a reaction today. Mass marches, like the Women March telling Trump not to go back to the Stone Age. Well, he ignored the Women's March. March Again, everybody who marched bring somebody, and make your demands clear. It has to happen soon, going through the corrupting political process just sucks up everybodies energy. How about a General Strike for One Day, to show Governments the strength of a United People, How about a March on Washington and a General Strike the same day. How about Tuesday FEB 21? Organizers, Go to work. No to Walls, No to pipelines, No to Site C Dam, No to arms exports, No to Corporate Governments, No to Log Exports, No to Farmed Salmon, No to Monsanto, No to  Herbicides, No to Pesticides, what are we doing here people? What are we doing right? Our monitary systems are a scam. Education systems deserve an F. The food we are eating is making everybody sick. Agriculture methods a disaster. Antibiotics and Steroids in every piece of meat and fish. The environment taking a s...  kicking from the Gas and Oil Industries, from the Gold and Diamond Industries, from the Chemical Industries, from the Transport Industries, Depressed Yet? There is more. People are taking a s... kicking from Dentists, from Police, from Drug Industries, prisons are increase crime, journalists are getting locked up, everything manufactured is junk never worth fixing, perfectly good houses are crunched up and dumped, toxic garbage dumps are spreading across the land, clearcutting has become the only forest practice, monoculture is biggest killer of Diversity, we are doomed if we continue to let money run our world. We have to put on our marching boots and pick up shovels folks, how about a General Strike on the 21st of Feb, 21st of March, 21 of June, and help each other to do it right and keep on marching and stomping as long as it is necessary. 
     A clear message from The Garden Party, making Gardens Great Again. Dig In the USA, Russia, Canada, and wherever this message reachs, we are all one, the Big March has started.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A Story, Money and Pain.

      When I was a young fellow in rural Stead Manitoba, the wages for farm labour were 50 cents an hour. After doing Grade 12, I quit school, moved to the city, Winnipeg, paid $15 Week for board and room, worked for a grocery wholesaler, and got paid $1.10 per hour, $8.80 per day. One hours labour paid for three packages of Tabacco. Today, three packages of the same stuff cost $90.00. Today, unskilled labour earns about $15.00 per hour, purchase power of 1/2 package of tobacco, per hour. To simplify 1 hour of work in 1960 purchased as much as 6 hours work today,  Jan 2017. Progress? 
     About 1963 I moved to BC and worked in sawmills, with a whooping $2,15 per hour. A whole $17.20 a day. Walking to work one day in Nanimo, I saw a small house, two bedroom, nice looking condition, on a big lot, fruit trees, garden, for sale $4500. For a single person, two years, maybe three, earning $2.00 per hour, it was possible to pay for the house, with half your wages. $15.00 per hour today, to buy the same house, using half  your wages, it would 10 to 15 years to pay down the principle, and as many more to pay the interest. More likely, a life time to paid off that same house with wages of $15.00 Hour. Progress.
    Deduction; wages for most of the population of Canada are 1/6 of what they were in 1960. 
     Deduction; a few people are very rich in assets, a small group of people have excess of needs, the rest have debt, or nothing much. And everybody is on pain killers. Progress.
     Cleaned up the garden today, tomorrow, Apple tree pruning, ate my last two apples today, making progress.

Standing Rock and Trump

    Will this be the spot, where American people make their first stomp and tell their government what the people want from their elected government? After all, elected politicians are there to serve the people, are they not?  Newly Crowned Trump may attempt to stomp on Standing Rock, perhaps another bigger stomp to the White House will let Mr Trump know, he has met his Standing Rock, The People! Now, his job is to serve the people's will, or resign.
     Unfortunately it has gotten to this, walls are going up, people are being rounded up to deport, travelling bans are expanding,  pipe lines are going in, global warming means nothing, plan another march, make it a stomp, everybody back to Washington DC, and bring at least one more Stomper, this is the last resort left, and not a bad one, march down your street, march on City Hall, march on the Court House in support of journalists, and free press. Trump's first victims, march on the White House.  Take a shovel and give it to Trump, so he can get grounded. March in Canada too, and don't forget your shovel. You can also use the handle to hang a sign if so inclined.
    This is a Suggestion From The Garden Party International, New World Disorder.

Monday, January 23, 2017

This Is The Plan.

     General direction, get the Nursery in Saanich in production, for what is possible right now, put everything in order, then pack up and go to a farm in Spences Bridge, and do whatever would be helpful. Nothing definite planned beyond Spences Bridge, other than a New National Political Party.
     Some Fruit Trees that need a bit of pruning, and finish the garden, then go, but things are active here, and things happen that can change all plans, in a moment, that's the truth. 
     You got a better world to go to? Start your creation, start action on your Garden. Every little piece, every little 15% less, matters on the big picture.

Critical Mass, 15% Off.

     So how many people have reduced their waste by 15%. We have to reduce everything by at least 15% every year, global warming is catching up on us, if we are too slow, global warming will soon be reducing us by 15% a year. 
     So get with the program, grow 15% of your groceries, this year. You don't expect the Chilean Farmers to keep feeding you, when they are having droughts and forest fires, do you? NAFTA is in the compost.  And how are we going to bankrupt Walmart and Monsanto's Toxic Foods if we support their crime and buy their not fit to eat food? No, we don't all have to grow food, but to do it right, to be gentle on the land, we need more people in agriculture, and no more Mighty Machines and Monoculture. Gardening is a most beauiful occupation. But not when every gardener has to feed 1600 busy bodies who do little but put obstacles in your way. You need Mighty Machines to feed that bunch li-ons, Drag-ons, and Cling-ons. At any rate we are not going to garden that way, we are joyfully getting shovels ready for a lot of soon to be unemployed busy bodies. All work, should be, and can be a joy.  
     15% less this year, it is do able, so do it, thank you from the future. 

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Garden Party, Jan 2017.

     We are still a small Party, Growth has been slow, but so are we. We are addressing social and habitat problems. You name the problem, if we don't know how to solve the problem already, we will figure it out, and, immediately start addressing the problem in what we do. Big changes can happen in one day, if critical mass, a percentage of the population, is reached, suddenly the whole population will agree and take like action. A few stuck in the mud dragons will need to be struck with lightning before they change their minds, lightning is one of our specialties. Most Gardeners are well grounded.
     We have the ability to Bankrupt and shut down Toxic Waste Producing Monsanto, in one day, if we reached critical mass. We could remove Trump in One Day, if we reach critical mass, We could stop every new pipeline, shut down the military arms industry, demand end to nuclear weapons, stop Site C Dam, we could do a lot of things in one day, critical mass may only need one more to be reached. Persevere Pilgrims. Cuttings started today Figs, Raspberries, Gooseberries.

   Miner's lettuce

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Better Days Ahead.

Should be a world happening, no problem too big, no problem too small, we can work on them all. If you can't do it without money, it is probable that it is not worth doing. If it is worth doing, a Will, will get it done. So let's get together and get it done, or undone, which is mostly the case. Shout it from the Roof Tops as well as Face Book, why wait for Spring, Spring Into Action, in both hemispheres. Stay Grounded.
     We have lots grape plants and cuttings, same with Raspberries, Goose berry and fig cuttings, strawberry plants, bean and pea seed, some fruit tree root stock, Apple Plum Apricot, horse radish, rhubarb, parsley, chards and kales, watercress, this and that, hoses, garden tools, a brain or two, flowers and Dandelions, miners lettuce, chickweed, and garlic. That should be enough for a start to a garden, the rest is all Joy. 
     Planting Fig Cuttings Tomorrow, rain or shine.

Judgement Day News.

    The Genie has come out of the bottle, now let us get started on the Tranformation, because we can, as we just saw by the Women's March sending a message to Trump. Time to get to work collectively, and Be Government. And keep marching when necessary, and carry on. 
     The entire money system is a sham. When new money is created it becomes an asset for banks, to lend out, with interest, if the loan is paid back, the banks now own the money loaned, plus interest. Nice profit. Legal. Bank Owners must be happy, the Cracker Jack CEO's get a nice chunk of those profits, one big happy family. What are we to do about that? Invent another corruptible money system? How about dumping the whole idea that we need a money system? That is what the Garden Party is Practising, avoiding the use of money. Our labour is free, we use money to get things we can not provide ourselves, we are quite good at making what we get go a long distance. Our Goal is to function without Money. Money loses it's power, when we don't need it to function. And We Already Know How To Do Everything Without Money. We do not need Money's Permission to go to some needed work, personal or for the greater community. 
     If there is no value placed on money, if money has no power, people who have money, lose their power. It's like Judgement Day, Yea shall be redeemed without money. So it's Judgement Day, and who are we going to work for today?

Philosophical Discussions.

     Today, Jan 21st, Monthly World Buy Nothing Day, we, The Garden Party have started using this day for a regular Philosophical Discussion Day, this is Day One, a kind of a Do Nothing Day, but maybe, it will turn into a Get As Lot Done Day. Some days are better than others. 
     The Garden Party is slowly developing a new form of Government. We recognize that for us to change our present forms of government, by the fixed election process, where money always wins, would be a forever process. Fixing an unsustainable, inefficient rotten to the core house built on a corrupt foundation, would be as waste of time. It is just time to start over,  and see what we can come up with, and go for it, and that is what we are doing.
      This is where we are now.  We need some form of organization, after all, this is a big country, and with these meetings going on across the country. the world, for that matter, is a start, a bit of organization is our next planned stepping stone into the future.  We presently are assuming Self Government in Canada, and are now using this day for Philosophical Discussion, it is also a get together of friends and visitors day anyone can take part, none of our meetings are structured, there are no designated positions, at our meetings or in the party, if you want to be a clown, be a clown. If you want to be a President, go ahead, they are pretty much the same at any rate, and hold no water here.  It is what you are purposing and what you are doing that is important to us, we are all on this sinking boat together, get in the life raft and start paddling. What anybody brings to our meetings, what we bring to the meetings, yea or nay, is okay.  Agreement is not necessary for action. Live Contact. The 21st of every month. Anyone can announce a location, right where you are, or some other spot. Anyone can do on their own, and we expect movement in this direction, an organic organization, where every vote is full participation. After all, it is your life, your world, and your responsibility. It is a work in progess, Meeting Today, Center of the Universe (across the street) 5090 West Saanich Rd, Victoria BC.

Friday, January 20, 2017

From This Day Foreward....

     Direction to Correction, can't fix anything in a wrong world, oh yes you can devise all sorts of things to lessen the pain, like better pain killers, and call that a fix.
     It is pain killers that are killing people who are suffering from pain, is it not? Pain Killers. Pain killers are not taking care of the pain, the personal pain only increases after the use of pain killers. We need to focus on the pain, address the pain, provide the detox aid, love is the answer. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Overdose Crisis, Canada.

     The Elected Federal Government of Canada, claims they are using every tool they have to solve the Overdoze Crisis. Well, there is on tool they have not used, that is their brain, unless of course they lack this handy tool. If the Federal Government real cared, they Could start up temporary detox centres in a week, instead of buying fighter jets, if the BC Government really cared, they Could have drugs that are safe provided by pharmacies for addicts in a week, instead of pouring billions of public dollars into building Site C Dam for their Corporate Friends. Governments Could provide funds for temporary safe injection sites, and have them saving lives in a week, the Elected Governments Could ask addicts and ex addicts who know what to do, who do care, have a Brain, and are willing. Most of these overdose deaths, 912 in BC alone in 2016, are preventable. 
     Governments take people's votes, they take on the responsibility to do everything, they collect the taxes, drive people nuts and dump them on the street, isn't it sad Governments don't have the right tools, a heart or a brain. They are Fired.
     This message is from The Garden Party's Minister For More Unemployment, Shovels will be issued to all Elected Governments in Canada, and we have plenty of tools waiting to be used. Dig up the Parliament Grounds in Ottawa, and the Ledgislature Lawns in Victoria and Grow Gardens, might as well put them to some good use. Planted more Garlic in Pots, will be planting Seedless Grape Cuttings Today, Saanich BC, 604 928 3663, Louis.

Corporate Foods Composted.

     Corperations have already gobbled up most of the world supply of food sources. As usual, it seems, big business such as Monsanto and Bayer, see only money and not real costs. There is no better way to kill off nature's diversity than with herbicides, pesticides, and monoculture. Free trade agreements give Big Business an open door to bust small farming operations around the world, buying up or stealing (pretty much the same thing) agricultural land in every country that they get their greedy fingers into.
     Do we have a special deal for you all you cling-on high rolling agricultural green giants. You have bought hot goods, those hot ownership papers were sold by the biggest scam artist mankind ever dreamed up, selling what was never for sale. When dealing with such characters as that, well, you have hanging around with the wrong crowd. Mind you, sharing has it good points, no point in complaining about losing something that didn't really own, if it will make you feel any better, look at it this way, now you can say you own the whole planet, so grab a shovel, leave the herbicides and pesticides behind, there are people to feed, Diversity is the Ideal.

Snap Election Canada,

     A Snap on line Election Has Been Called; Started at 1.14 AM across the road from The Center of the Universe, (real place) Saanich BC, by The Self Government of Canada Without Borders (includes USA and Russia), The Garden Party PM pleasantly located in British Columbia, woke up in a nightmare surrounded by dictators from the North and South, with more crawling out of the Swamps Across Canada. This is a very serious development, and calls for an immediate General Strike and Election. 
     The Garden Party's Minister For The First Fair and Honest Election in Canada, voted at 1:14 AM this Morning, and is at this moment is leading one to nothing in what is looking like a unappossed Landslide Victory for The Garden Party. Of course this is very early in the election and the rest of Canada is still sleeping, as , for the first time in Canada, this Election has started on the West Coast and will not be complete until it reaches NFL and Labrador on the East Coast, everybody has a chance to Wake Up and make their Vote Count.
     The Garden Party is of The More The Merrier, type of Party, where Every Voter is Accountable for their thoughts, words and actions, and can immediately hold on to any government hot seat in our Houses of Commons, and Voters can take any position of their choice in the New Government without swearing at the poor old Queen. 
      Voting has just started in Canada and already NATO has been cancelled, NAFTA is in the Out House, Nuclear Weapons Banned, USA Elections declared a Fraud, all Exports of Hopelessness halted, and Flying Baseball Gladiators Grounded Out. 
     The Garden Party did not want to take control in this manner, but we can't just let Nuts with loose wheels carry us into the future, we are putting one heavy foot on the brakes and the other foot on the shovel as soon as the frozen ground will allow. 
      Our priority, The Garden Party of Canada, is to get everybody fed with good food, and take good care of all land to maintain diversity and sustainability of all life on our incredible planet Earth. If you are with us on this, Help!